DJ Mr. Rogers Presents Les - Settle 4 Les


01 What It Iz
02 Sumthin Like A Pimp
03 Get High Musik
04 Smoke Break
05 Stay High
06 Make A Lot Of Money
07 Sittin' Low
08 Les Ridin'
09 In My Lac
10 What's Goin Down
11 Freakin' U
12 So Smooth
13 Interlude
14 Full Time
15 Million Dollar Dreams
16 What I Got
17 Life Foes On
18 Fore The Better
19 Stay Dn
20 Track 20

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Checked out 'What it Is' on

Checked out 'What it Is' on youtube. This dude sounds promising. The first track is definitely something i could smoke to. Hopefully, the rest of the tape delivers.

A few tracks sound

A few tracks sound mid-nineties, but: the production reminds me of the Smoke DZA that recently came out (actually, the whole tape is reminiscent of Smoke DZA's). The guys got talent and it's a good tape to smoke to, but if you get this and like it, i'd recommend you check out DZA
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Haven't downloaded it yet

Haven't downloaded it yet but from what i heard from youtube this guy sounds like a mix of Wiz Khalifa and Currensy .. not bad.
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This whole album sounds like it came from the mid-nineties type of shit. Some good smoking music on here to roll through the city with. Or, you can find out for yourself. $$$$$WHAT GOES AROUND MUST COME AROUND. ILL LEAVE IT UP TO KARMA.$$$$$
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sounds a lot like dza and

sounds a lot like dza and currensy's style combined--i got a 10 hour car ride ahead of me im lookin forward to blunt cruising to wiz, currensy, dza, chip tha ripper, tyga, xv, cudi, and now this dude

Lovin it

This is what the south suppose to sound like I dunno what yall hearing but I'd compare it to slim thug or ugk before spitta and wiz khalifa
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this shit hard right here
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settle 4 les

growth & development... this is worth d/l here good southern hip hop this a must no doubt! congrats on the win>>>>>>>


i found em on twitter they both cool as a fan yall holla at him @settle4les and @djmrrogers

Hell Yeah..

****ima smoke until im high***** ima smoke to this tape until im high! good tape put it on and sit back.
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Shit Factory all damn day

Shit Factory all damn day long!