DJ Papa Smurf & DJ Folk - Deep N Da Game 7 (Hosted By Rick Ross & Slick Pulla)

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1 - DJ Papa Smirf, DJ Folk, The Runners, Slick Pulla, Rick Ross - Meet Your Connects Intro
2 - Rick Ross - Money On My Mind Freestyle
3 - USDA (Jeezy, Slick Pulla, 211, Bloodraw) - Lil' Buddy (USDA remix)
4 - Pimp C, Lil' Boosie - Where Them Dollars At
5 - New Boyz N Da Hood (Jody Breeze, Big Gee, Lil' Wayne) - Riding With Them Thangs
6 - Pharrell, T.I., Young Dro - Trap or Kill Yaself
7 - Slick Pulla - Them Birds Fly
8 - Bleu Davinci, Akon - I'm Real
9 - Governor, T.I. - That's Right
10 - Slick Pulla Freestyle
11 - Young Jeezy - Bloodraw - Baby I'm A Hustler
12 - Lil' Wayne - Hustlin' Freestyle
13 - Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, Jay-Z - Hustlin (remix)
14 - The Runners Present K.C. - Limelight
15 - Rick Ross - The Black Mob
16 - Slick Pulla Speaks/DJ Khaled, Young Jeezy, Bun B, Slick Pulla, Bloodraw - Gangsta Sh*t
17 - J-Kwon - Look At Me Shining (produced by The Runners)
18 - Yo Gotti - That's Wassup (Album In Stores)
19 - DJ Khaled, Trick Daddy, Pitbull, Rick Ross - Born N Raised (produced by The Runners)
20 - Yung Joc, Sunny Valentine - F.U. Pay Me (produced by Nitti)
21 - DSR - Freestyle
22 - Big K.R.I.T. - Freestyle
23 - Juice (of The Replacementz) and P. Stones - Deep N Da Game (produced by Knoxbonikz)
24 - Jet Phynx - Quiet Hustler
25 - V. Slim - Riding Thru The Hood
26 - Rome's Finest - Where They At
27 - IQ The Husltler - Post Up

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