DJ Rob E Rob Presents - The Official Gucci Mane Mixtape

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1. Intro
2. Break Up( Rob E Rob Mix)
3. Lol (Rob E Rob Mix)
4. Make The Trap Aye
5. Make The Trap Aye(Interlude)
6. Crime Wave (Remix)
7. Lemonade
8. Wasted
9. 5 Star Chick
10. Sex In Crazy Places
11. T-Pain (Interlude)
12. Gingerbread Man
13. Waka Flocka
14. Lil Wayne (Interlude)
15. Freaky Girl
16. Volume
17. Heavy
18. Kanye West(Interlude)
19. Bingo
20. Photo Shoot
21. Dipset(Interlude)
22. Stupid Wild
23. Gucci Bandana
24. Boom Boom Pow (Remix)
25. The Movie
26. Trap Or Die Pt .2(Ft Young Jeezy)
27. Pillz
28. Go Head
29. Drink It Straight
30. Obsessed (Remix) 31. Bad Bad Bad
32. Bad Guy
33. Gucci/Nicki Minaj
34. My Shadow
35. Kush Is My Cologne
36. Colors
37. We Be Steady Mobbin
38. My Chain
39. Excuse Me
40. Aww Man
41. Shopping Spree
42. H.A.T.E.U
43. Spotlight
44. Black Tee
45. Pussy
46. Red
47. Neva Had Shit
48. Aint Enough
49. Stupid
50. Gorgeous
51. Bad Guys
52. Swing My Door
53. Imma Dog
54. Worst Enemy
55. Bricks
56. Bands
57. Pack Maine
58. Alley Cat
59. Shine Blocks
60. Sponsor
61. In My Heart
62. Speak French
63. Rain Man
64. Krazy
65. Boss
66. Classical
67. Beat It Up
68. More
69. I Think I'm In Love
70. Amnesia
71. I Think I Want Her
72. Like A Nerd
73. Competition
74. I'm A Jay
75. Contact Outro


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old as fuk

change the title to The

change the title to The official oldest Gucci Mane mixtape


Is Gucci even from atl? I mean, screw that, UGA isn't even close to atl. its waaaaay down in athens. Why the fuck does he have that hat on?
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Cause he seen me wearing mine one day and got stunt!
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It's just a hat, he wear a different hat like every photoshoot he take, but Gooch is from Alabama Originally, but he lives in E. Atlanta, but kats don't have to support exclusive everything from their city just because they're living there.... Most of the time you see kats wearin certain hats it's usually because thats whats in style at the moment. Next year if Falcons doing good, you'll see that nigga in a Falcons hat, and like Zombies, the easily influenced kids will follow that style.
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I was more curious than anything. Always see a braves hat when ppl are reppin ATL but never a Ga hat. Threw me off


he might be wearing the hat

he might be wearing the hat b.c its georgia and thats what he reps...Ga. that might be why he will wear a braves hat maybe...b.c theer the atl braves...same reason for the falcons hat he might wear....b.c there all ga teams and he claims ga. that make any sense to you at all???

Makes Sense

Didn't know he was from Atl.. honestly didn't know WHERE he was from but didn't think it was ATL
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He's from Alabama

He Originates from Alabama, he moved to Atlanta in his Teens and thats what he calls home, but all his people, Kin-folk, bloodline is in Bama not Ga.
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"The Hat Theory"

He's wearing that hat for the letter "G" which it stands for the first letter of his faggot azz name Gucci! Now plz ya niggaz shut the fuck up about it!!!

hot shit

hot shit