DJ Rob E Rob - The Official Drake Mixtape

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1. Best I Ever Had
2. Sucessful
3. Every Girl Ft. Lil Wayne
4. Going In For Life
5. The Presentation
6. Say Whats Real
7. Houston,Atlanta, Vegas
8. Lust For Life
9. Uptown Ft. Lil Wayne
10. Come Back
11. Unstoppable Ft Lil Wayne
12. City Is Mine
13. Drake Interlude
14. Replacement Girl-Ft Trey Songz
15. Sooner Than Later
16. Think Good Thoughts
17. Where To Now
18. Give Ya-Ft.Trey Songz
19. Dont You Have A Man
20. Teach You A Lesson
21. Man Of The Year Ft. Ll Wayne
22. Bitch Is Crazy
23. November 18th
24. A Night Off

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Looks like "So Far Gone".

Looks like "So Far Gone". What makes this official? That "FEATURING LIL WAYNE" tag is pretty funny.
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Not a single new song on here, if you have any of Drake's mixtapes (especially So Far Gone) and recent Wayne releases like Hottest Nigga Under The Sun then you have all these songs.
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yeah, all these new drake tapes coming out and not one new song on any of them, if you've never heard drake its worth getting.
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It's all old.. Im not a fan of Drake though, i gave him a try, can't get into him, Too many Artist are using Wayne as an Anchor to rehash their career's or start their careers, they need to rethink their strategies, Lil Wayne fame is fading fast, people are only starting to tune in now to listen to what sillyness Lil Wayne has to say now and it's taking away from the actual artist. Wayne should just release His own Albums and stay off other people's shit or people need to stop asking him to be on his their shit.