Drake - So Far Gone


01 Lust For Life
02 Houstatlantavegas
03 Successful (Feat. Trey Songz & Lil' Wayne)
04 Lets Call It Off (Feat. Peter Bjorn & John)
05 November 18Th
06 Ignant Shit (Feat. Lil' Wayne)
07 A Night Off (Feat. Lloyd)
08 Say Whats Real
09 Little Bit (Feat. Lykke Li)
10 Best I Ever Had
11 Unstoppable (Feat. Santo Gold & Lil' Wayne)
12 Uptown (Feat. Bun B & Lil' Wayne)
13 Sooner Than Later
14 Bria's Interlude (Feat. Omarion)
15 The Calm
16 Outro
17 Brand New


Sick Mixtape!

Once again, Drizzy Drake Rogers is back and better than eva! Same original style, sick freestyles, and badass song dedicated to HOUSTON, called November 18th!

I've been waiting on this

I've been waiting on this for tiiiiiiiiime. Drake is ill and bout to blow up.
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drake go hard.. i fuck wit

drake go hard.. i fuck wit this nigga... we need more drake if anything...
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the tape is sick i'm

the tape is sick i'm listening to it now, more chillin music not really any bangers like "ransom"
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Little slow for my liking

Little slow for my liking but ok. that 'November 18th' track is pretty tight tho no doubt.

Yeah, he's gone a lot slower

Yeah, he's gone a lot slower style than his last 2 mixtapes on this one, but the tracks he flows on are legit. Unstoppable, Ignant Shit, and Say What's Real are 3 tracks that are all better than anything on Jadakiss new tape (but that tape is siiick too).
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This dood sounds like hes pure Rnb, personally i think the mixtape is garbage Gut it up, soft it up, roll it up
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I agree

I agree this tape is straight doooooooooooooodoooooooooo....Drake soft as a baby's shit. Keep Wayne shit comin GOD MC
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glovemantheonly wrote:
I agree this tape is straight doooooooooooooodoooooooooo....Drake soft as a baby's shit. Keep Wayne shit comin GOD MC
you lil twat aka lil cunt aka lil wayne dick ridin whore-lil wayne wack! When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.. -Bob Marley.
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Pinky Smalls the G-Loves-mans

glovemantheonly wrote:
I agree this tape is straight doooooooooooooodoooooooooo....Drake soft as a baby's shit. Keep Wayne shit comin GOD MC
Thats my bitch! Riding for me! Thats why i give him the good dick right in his lil pink butthole! You see thats a ride or die bitch! He's so down for me, he goes on other peoples mixtape posts and writes about ME! Thats how much Im on his mind! Back off everybody...you got to get your own white girl! Ive got mine and Ima scream his name forever...GLOVEMAN!!!!!!!!!THE ONLY!!!!!!! aka The Notorious B.U.T. aka Pinky Smalls aka Smally Buthole!
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i forgot about this shit comin out. its str8 the jada tape is way better though
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agreed. im sayin, KISS MY

agreed. im sayin, KISS MY ASSS pt 2 is prob. my favourite mix in a while.
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wtf is this?

I dont know about this one, i heard 'ignorant shit' on a mixtape and it was sick. amazing flow, and then even weezy drops a sick verse. so i download this mixtape and its completely different, and he just goes off on an autotune high and mumbles to horrible beats. is this rnb? not worth the download
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so i guess

dis shit aint really worth da d/l thank u ppl ma pc appreciates it lol shit's real in da phil [215]
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drake owns the beat yall suckers can eat doo doo haha
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LOL "Owns the beat" ROFL!

Diezelonthebeat wrote:
drake owns the beat yall suckers can eat doo doo haha
Drake can have them Walmart ass beats. Like he bought the econo pack of beats from Costco!

dont hate whoopi

if u want to by the econo pack ....buy it..... dont break your dreams....u are crushing yourself man! lol what a ....... the beat is mellow and they are hot...... i was wondering does he do his own beats.....?
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eat doo doo

eat my doo doo "mr weezy f"
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weak shit

weak shit

Very Interesting.... 2 Thumbs Up

when im awake u always resting/ and when they call u da answer/ u hardly question?/ i!/ im doing classic shit on all my session/others niggaz situation are all depressive/ thats why i never follow yall suggestions i just always did my owwwwnn thaang.../now i runnnn the ganngg//u stupiddd motherrrsuckazzz! itssss okkk itssss ok itsss okkk! by the way thats track 12 its called uptown...... oh and by the way i play all tracks 1-17 this kid drizzy impressed me..... so far so good.... 2 platinum mixtapes bro....like the 1 twice over or the new 11 lol.....but uhh man this mixtape is tight.....track number 09 with lykke li is very tight...she has a tremendous voice..... what i could tell though...even though it was a nice track.... as she started....her ad libs...sounds like her ohh ooohho sounded like she could of been more on it......but it blended perfect with the beat she nailed it and i believe he should of had her more on the mixtape....
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I aint even downloaded it yet...

...and I know its gonna b hott!!!


Im not a big fan of Drake but this nigga got style
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the new kid

Yo lil wayne must be seeing eye to eye with this nigga cuz his drops on successful, uptown and ignorant shit have been some of his best. Drake is to sick too cuz he aint have to rely on autotune to sing and he can fuckin rap to.
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Dammit Ya'll!!!

Yeah, Drake IS sick...when he SPITS! Most of this is him singing. He has been with Wayne a lil TOO long. Both of them are on this auto-tune singing crap. Don't get me wrong I loved 808's and Heartbreaks, but that's another story. The only singing i appreciate was "Sooner Than Later" (which was also on "Best of Drizzy") and Bria's Interlude (in which he isn't even singing) C'mon Drake. Let's not get into this Wayne bullsh*t. RAP for us please. Songs (1,2,4,7,9,10,) are all RnB I wish ya'll woulda said this in the comments....
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ok backtrack

Bria's Interlude is ILL...and he does sing. Great song, great song
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Fans of Drake's versatility

Fans of Drake's versatility won't be let down and will be happy to have a classic on their hands... Those that are more for his lyricism and not too fond of the "Heartbreak Drake" persona may get a little disappointed. Still a great mixtape, better than every album of '09 I've heard thus far. Perfectly blends the R&B with his Hip Hop.

Dah Nigga Isz Hot

I just ain't nevah been on Drake, but yah kan't sleep on homie. Dah only nigga out right now dat kan actually pull off Dah rappin &&& singin ish...iGive homie his props...He a beast with it...

Meant to get this a while back

Yep, Thanks fizzle.


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i tried so hard to listen to this drake dude like he was my own son, cuz i keep hearing his name, now ive got a headache. shits not rap. ive heard rnb tracks that go harder than dis shit.