The Cartel Presents Lil Wayne And Drake - The Carter Meets The Cartel 2


01. The Carter Meets The Cartel 2 (Intro)
02. Drake & Lil Wayne - Uptown (Ft. Bun B)
03. Lil Wayne - One Arm
04. Drake - Houstatlantavegas
05. Lil Wayne - I Feel Me
06. Weezy Speaks (Voicemail Interlude)
07. Lil Wayne - Maybach Music 2 (Ft. T-Pain)
08. Drake - I'm Still Fly
09. Lil Wayne - Im From The South
10. Drake and Lil Wayne - Stunt Hard
11. Lil Wayne - Look @ Me (Prod. By The Olympicks) (Got Now Rmx)
12. Jae Millz - Wasnt Born (Prod. By The Runners)
13. Drake - Congratulations
14. Lil Wayne - Yes (Ft. Pharrell)
15. Lil Wayne & Drake - Unstoppable (Got Now Rmx)
16. Lil Wayne & Drake - Every Girl
17. Drake - Overdose On Life 18. Lil Wayne - Damage Is Done
19. Drake & Lil Wayne - I Want This Forever
20. Drake - Friends With Money
21. Lil Wayne - Lets Talk Money (R.I.P. Pimp C)
22. Lil Wayne - What The 380 Said
23. Drake & Lil Wayne - Successful (Ft. Trey Songz)
24. Lil Wayne - Im Not Human
25. Lil Wayne - 1st Place Winner (Ft. Swizz Beatz)
26. Drake and Lil' Wayne - Ransom
27. Drake - Say Whats Real
28. Drake - Get Like Me
29. Lil Wayne - By Myself
30. Drake - Swagger Like Us
31. Lil Wayne - T-Wayne (Ft. T-Pain)
32. Drake - Pop Rose
33. Lil Wayne - Conglomerate
34. Drake & Lil' Wayne - Ignant Shit
35. Lil Wayne - Workin On Her Visa
36. Drake - Give Ya (Ft. Trey Songz)
37. Drake - Get Over It
38. Drake & Lil Wayne - Brand New (Rmx)
39. Lil Wayne - Miami Vice (Ft. Curren$y)
40. The Carter Meets The Cartel 2 (Outro)

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Its good. I dont usually fuck wit wayne like that but Drake`s flo is SICK. The only bad side is that I neva hear Juelz wid him & wayne. whaddafuxup wit dat yo? I Cant Feel My Face needs to drop, then a collab wit all 3 of them on it. If ol skool wayne was on it too summer 09 would be flame. Rating: 4/5 - JERICKO rap - lies = hiphop | real eyes recognize real lies
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I know damn well i heard almost all these tracks already.. If this DJ is selling this Mixtape somewhere i need to know how much he makin from it so i can start collecting Old Music and putting a compilation together, create a Nice lil cover and redump it to the public.. I think the only 3 New ones on here are already on 4 other mixtapes that were released all this week. All these DJ"s have become are Cover artist & Compilation masters.

I know this is off topic,

I know this is off topic, but can anyone tell me how to upload mixtapes? Or if it's even possible? Thanks.
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Nick Nice wrote:
I know this is off topic, but can anyone tell me how to upload mixtapes? Or if it's even possible? Thanks.
Yes you can upload music to the site, first make sure you have created at .torrent file for it and that it's pointed to the actual file/music your sharing. Then Click the contact button and contact the site webmaster and they'll take a look at whatever you got and submit it if they deem it worthy of being shared.. It prevents shitty music, viruses or useless nonsense from being posted.

Cool. Thanks for the help

Cool. Thanks for the help dninc. Much appreciated.

contact us with direct

contact us with direct download links to submit tapes (include cover, tracklist and info on the tape):
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Yeah Drakes pretty sic. One of the best mixtapes that i've found here. Totally worth the DL.
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Old shit but Drake & Wayne Is Still Serious

Check out my music @@@@
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I think Drake can rap better than Lil Wayne. That's just my opinion.
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Lil Wayne

don't agree with you.. Drake has his own nice sound en his songs on this mixtape are great. but to say he's beter than Lil Wayne.. I don't know I really was a Lil Wayne fan, but with al the crap he is putting on mixtapes lately.. I really think he sould chill out and put some more time in his tracks. Now they all sound plain.. there's nothing special about them anymore Hola at your Mixtapes, Underground Rap 4 Life. Pease Out: JJ Cool
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no comparison

You cant even begin to compare Lil Wayne with Drake, they just arent the same type of artist.

Drake is better than wayne

Drake is better than wayne hands down. when i first heard drake it clicked who else could be writing wayne shit. lol
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I couldnt agree more JJ


a bunch of older songs, but they are sick

hot azz mixtape

man wayne did it again with another dope mixtape check out that real



Off the Chain AKA "A MUST