Evil Empire Presents Young Money All Stars Pt 2 (Starring Lil Wayne & Drake)

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01 -Lil Wayne Feat. Drake, Jae Millz, &
Gudda-Every Girl
02 -Lil Wayne-Im A Go Getta
03 -Lil Wayne-I Told Yall
04 -Drake Feat. Lil Wayne & Young Jeezy-Im
Going in
05 -Drake Feat. Lil Wayne-Man of the Year
06 -Drake Feat. Lil Wayne-Ignorant Shit
07 -Lil Wayne Feat. Kevin Rudolf-Spit in
Your Face
08 -Lil Wayne Feat. Juelz Santana-Does What
She Does
09 -Drake Feat. Stano Gold & Lil
10 -Drake-Try Harder
11 -Drake Feat. Trey Songz & Lil
12 -Lil Wayne-Die Happy
13 -Lil Wayne-November 18th
14 -Drake-Say Whats Real
15 -Drake-Beat I Ever Had
16 -Lil Wayne Feat. Gudda-Politics
17 -Drake-Asthma Team
18 -Drake-Barry Bonds
19 -Lil Wayne-Rollers Riders
20 -Drake-Comeback Season
21 -Drake Feat. Richie Sosa-Easy to Please
22 -Lil Wayne Feat. Drake-I Want this Forever
23 -Nicki Minaj Feat. Lil Wayne-Go Hard
24 -Nicki Minaj Feat. Lil Wayne-I Get Crazy

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this shit old as fuck

I guess this cover was from

I guess this cover was from a nickelodeon set....pffff fuckin wankers


man dese djs juss b recyclin old shit and puttin da wackest covers on dis site..dey need 2 ban dis type of shit

Probably the most legitimate

Probably the most legitimate Comment made on this website in a while, get rid of all the countless mixtapes that just recycle songs.

preach on....preach on

preach on....preach on
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this is tha reason ppl (tha

this is tha reason ppl (tha artists) hate these m/t djs. all these UNofficial cds that make it look like they just put out tha same ol' shit, now I feel Weezy when he clikk'd out last summer!!

"I Want this Forever" hahaha

"I Want this Forever" hahaha that came out like 1 1/2 ago. WTF!!!!!!


this what a dj does......... all of you tell me that these are not great songs. the fact that they are old is irrelevant....because this is for fans of hip-hop who like to burn or buy cds (not everyone has a ipod in their car)or new fans who haven't heard Drake that much already. just putting out waves of new music out (biggie jiggy)doesn't make you a great mixtape dj. Quality over Quantity PPL

listen closely to the lyrics

listen closely to the lyrics of track number 16, politics ft. gudda gudda. wayne is criticizing obama for bringing on the new world order..
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Nicki Minaj gostosa