DJ Scream & Korleon - Rich Ni*ga Sh*t

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01 - Intro- Dj Scream Korleon
02 - Krazy- Korleon
03 - Fool Wit It-Korelon Feat Bambino
04 - Steady Mobbin Freestyle- Korleon
05 - Pocket Change- Korleon Feat Big Krit And Young T
06 - Big Lights- Korleon Feat Big Krit
07 - Korleon Skit
08 - Now They Mad Remix- Korleon Feat Bohagon And Gu
09 - I Get It In- Korleon Feat Bohagon
10 - Prefix- Korleon
11 - Money Aint Nothing- Korleon Feat Bohagon
12 - Sunglasses- Korleon Feat Jon Geezy And Parlae
13 - Pimpim Ken Skit
14 - Dont Love Em- Korleon Feat J Young
15 - May Day- Korleon Feat Bohagon And Big Krit
16 - Ray Charles- Korleon Feat Bohagon
17 - Hamm- Korleon Feat Bohagon
18 - Sunny- Korleon Feat Bambino
19 - Outro- Dj Scream Korleon
20 - Green Light- Korleon Feat Antoine Dye And Young T
21 - Last Call- Korleon Feat Anteezy And Gutta Twin
22 - We All Like- Korleon Feat Bambino

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The Rolls Royce Phantom has got to be one of the most expensive, insanely ugly cars on the market. Can we please get a redesign for the year 2010? Putting that aside, I see my niggas; Big KRIT, Bohagon, and Parlae so this may be dope. Let's see...
-For a man to conquer himself is the first and noblest of all victories.
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is this killa

is this killa the one with slim thugga? _on to the next hoe_
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this not killa this dude from atl i think and it sounds like the other shit that droppn i did like a few tracks.....mybad
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If it just Said killa Wtf Makes you think its Killa Kyleon?

Learn How to read Punk ass nikka, And fuck Mjg And 8ball There new album sucks more then this lame ass mixtape, Ol peanut head ass nikka! ...G.F.T.B.(Goons From The Block)5th ward TX Off that Lockwood Dr.
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Shut y0 ol Vince from chop

Shut y0 ol Vince from chop slap lookin chia pet growin ass the fuk up. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout
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LeArn H0w tO wRITE

Go Finsh School Holmes,So people can think diffrent of black folks, Oh Im sorri that wasnt for you, Shuts yo Non Spelling ass up...G.F.T.B.(Goons From The Block)5th ward TX Off that Lockwood Dr.

Read a book. Maybe the dictionary?

It's kinda hard to go in on someone for their spelling if yours isn't quiet up to par. Specifically, you're missing an 'e' in diffrent, it's 'sorry' not sorri, and let's not even get in to your lack of apostrophes. Oh, and, "Non Spelling" should be hyphenated as such: non-spelling.
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Haha. Agreed.
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Agreed Thiz Nuts

...G.F.T.B.(Goons From The Block)5th ward TX Off that Lockwood Dr.
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Southwest: Shut yo ol

Southwest: Shut yo ol bubblegum scrappin off tha seats in isle 12 at the premier of the week up, Fuckin ol peso converting ass nigga. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout

check it out before it fades

Some good shit on this one. Big krit always on some bangin ass beats._Although I’m world wide baby I aint hard to find
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shut yo hot pepper shirt wearn ass up

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