DJ Screw - Chapter 225 (Back Up In You)

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1. U.G.K feat. Smoke D - Front, Back & Side To Side 6:13
2. Big Mello feat. Harvy Luv - Da Feva 6:43
3. Aaliyah - At Your Best (You Are Love) (Remix) (Instrumental) 1:17
4. Point Blank - My Mind Went Blank (Screw Mix) 6:45
5. Aaliyah - At Your Best (You Are Love) (Remix) (Instrumental) 1:01
6. Goldy - Whipped Cream, Nuts & Cherries 8:38
7. MC Breed feat. SFD - Seven Years 4:56 8. Point Blank feat. Dope-E, Klondike Kat, and K-Rino - No One Can 7:38
9. Bone Thugs-n-Harmony - No Surrender 5:18
10. DJ Screw - Outro 1:56


1. E.S.G. - How Many Hoes 3:53
2. Big Mello - Back Do Akshun 8:44
3. Goldy feat. Too Short - The Game Is Sold Not Told 7:49
4. Lez Mone - Talkin sh*t 7:15
5. Big Mike - Creepin' - Rollin' 4:55
6. Da Brat - Mind Blowin' 7:16
7. E.S.G. - Smoke On (Intro) 0:10

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4 real texas niggas!!!

fuck boys dont mind me!! this shit here for real screwheads not them ol fake ass screwheads them niggas from idaho...big ups to them real texas nigga fuck dem internet thug screwheads they fake like a 3 doller bill!!
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Hol'up i got 2 much drank n my cup ............R.I.P. DJ SCREW
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nigga thats that fake shit... thats what swsha was saying and big moe clowned on that shit... "aint no such thing as too much lean in ya cup"


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Some of that classic Screw.

Some of that classic Screw. Gotta get this. RIP Robert Earl Davis
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This Is What It Is..

Heart Of A Hustla,Mind Of A G.....Thats What Im Taken Bout

DAMN dis brang back memos

DAMN dis brang back memos like a mufuka mayne weres tha freestyle kings at tho all dat shit usta b live mayne like dat freestyle kings off tha chain!

shank MORE!!!!!!

shank MORE!!!!!!
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i swear they cant do it like

i swear they cant do it like screw u

screwston 2 louisiana 713-985

louisiana screwhead right chea already