DJ Scrill & DJ Hitman - Florida 2 Texas Pt. 3


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01 Rick Ross Ft Meek Mill & Gunplay - Finals
02 Plies - Whole Thang
03 Iceberg - Snap
04 Famous Kid Brick - Im On It
05 Gunplay Ft Gudda Gudda & Young Breed - She Know Whats Up
06 Ace Hood Ft T Pain - Tryin
07 Hot Boy Fletcher - Catch Em
08 Ballgreezy Ft Rick Ross - Like You
09 Pretty Ricky Ft Trick Daddy & Snoop Dogg - Topless
10 Mowet - Show Off
11 Billy Blue Ft Trick Daddy - I'll Be Around
12 Desloc Piccalo Ft. Trick Daddy, Billy Blue, Brisco, Wild Child - My City
13 Hott 6 Ft Iceberg - Touched Her Toes
14 Intro - Dj Scrill
15 Dorrough Music - Dallas Mavs
16 Big Chief - Triple D Anthem Ft. Bay Bay
17 Dorrough Music Speaks
18 2 Piece- Hatin
19 Marcus Manchild - Get Off Me Rmx Ft. Bun B,slim Thug,chamillionaire,paul Wall
20 Killa Kyleon - Make Me
21 Trae - Duffle Bag Ft. Boo Rossini, Tity Boi
22 Lil O - Im What Dat Iz
23 Da Underdawgz - Gorillaz In My Trunk Ft. Bun B
24 M.O.B. Org(Kell Aka Killa Keez,cass Jones,tizdow) - Bossin
25 Chalie Boy Speaks
26 Chalie Boy - Wake It Up Ft. Slim Thug, Beat King
27 Esg - Stuntin Like Baby
28 Fam 420 - Drop It
29 Tum Tum Speaks
30 Tum Tum - The Ewings
31 Big Chief - Nate Dogg Ft. Rick Ross

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There is a lot of TX artists that I guess didn't make the cut? Cham is only on a feature? SMH....
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thumbz up

thumbz up

Mavs vs Heat

Yeah nigga, tonight is the night we taking that trophy home. LOLOLOLOL GO MAVS!!! DIRK MVP!!!
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Da Finals

Yea if wasnt the bulls I wuz ridin wit da Mavs all day Dirk deserves a ring he a beast word up "Protect Ya Neck" Wu Tang
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MAVS all the way...

LaBron is great but he choking in the finals. He will never be in the same conversation with Jordan. Dirks the man. Gotta love The Jet. Go MAVS.

True talk brah

devilspimp wrote:
LaBron is great but he choking in the finals. He will never be in the same conversation with Jordan.
Bron Bron aint done shit for his team this last 3 games. Wade, Bosh and Chalmers been doing all the work. James is averaging a playoff low 17.2 points in the NBA Finals and 14.0 points on 17-of-44 shooting (38.6 percent) in the last three games. YOU CAN'T FUCK WITH THE MATRIX KING JAMES!! LOLOLOLOL!!! Big ups to my nigga Shawn Marion for doing his thang. Jason Terry really stepped up this past couple of games too. Man the mavs have the best lineup ever! Jason Kidd, Tyson Chandler, Lil JJ Barea... MAAAAAYNEEEEE!!!!!!!! BRING IT HOME BABY!!!!
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Lets go MIAMI!!

Gotta go with the state im in on this one, plus i been a wade fan, been tellin everybody Hornets should trade Wade for Paul. Btw this is a Good tape!

I think Orlando Magic should

I think Orlando Magic should go for Chris Paul or else that nigga Dwight Howard is goin' to leave, ima Magic fan too down for my Florida teams. But Wade leaving Miami naw man don't say that dogg they can have Bron hahahaha ima Chris Paul fan so i ain't got nuthin' against him, shit he got more years left in the NBA than Wade dose so it wouldn't be a bad trade either.


FUCK THAT LETS GO HEAT!!! we at home baby no time for games we been toying wit tha Mavs. too much,time to bring out that Miami Defense that brought us this far shit ma nigga D-Wade goin' to blow up tonight and im thinking Bron will get it done too...Barkley gon be wearin' a speedo when he loses that bet he did hahahaha tha trophy coming back home to Dade County
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u stopped playing in the finals..again,SMH .big up to dirk,terry and kidd.fuck the rest of the team, lol


BIG UPS to Dirk, Terry and Kidd and fuck the rest of the team?? Dude stop hatin! The reason we won was because of Shawn Marion, Tyson Chandler and JJ Barea!! Im happy for Dirk, Jet and Kidd for finally gettin that ring it was a long time coming but c'mon son, give props to the rest of the guys. ..And what happened miami 3 stooges??? BWAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAA....


Prop to the Mavs. but its

Prop to the Mavs. but its only one stooge that got shook come game time n couldn't handle the pressure but i guess when you come from cleveland it be that way weaaakass nigga trade him for Dwight Howard "king james" huh?? REAL KINGS DON'T FOLD UNDER PRESSURE, all good thoe ma nigga Wade got one so far n he'll probably get a few more


they got there a year early, lets see what happens next year!by the way i'm not hating on dallas they deserved to win.

funn pic i was sent


funn pic i was sent

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Now we can hopefully start talking about a real sport

Grats to who won but really glad NBA season is done and over with, i don't put too much of my energy into it, mostly to just rep the towns i rep, never been to a basketball game, really don't even play basketball, WNBA is more exciting to watch because they don't play like "Pussies" lol.. Them females tough, NBA turned into a bunch of delicate theatrical ballerina's all on their last legs it aint been the same Since Jordan left..
Anyway.. Lets hope we got an NFL season to look forward to, so ready for a real man's sport and i really dont want to turn to Canadian football, i can watch Rugby tho but not passionate bout that either..

Haha fool u trippen!

HOOPS IS THE SHIZZNIT!!! AND NOW MORE THAN EVER!!!! Cant wait for the parade tomorrow morning! :D