DJ Smallz & oFISHal - Shotgun

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01 Ofishal - Fear Factor Intro (Feat. Dj Smallz)
02 Ofishal - Alcoholic Mafia [Prod. By Fate Eastwood]
03 Ofishal - Tha Whole Crew (Feat. Don Trip) [Prod. By D. Rich]
04 Ofishal - Bandit [Prod. By D. Rich]
05 Ofishal - Turnin' Back (Feat. Starlito & Robin Raynelle) [Prod. By Drumma Drama]
06 Ofishal - It's Like At (Feat. Young Buck) [Prod. By D. Rich]
07 Ofishal - 8Up (Starlito Feat. Ofishal) [Prod. By Nyse]
08 Ofishal - Shotgun (Feat. Joker & Starlito) [Prod. By Drumma Drama]
09 Ofishal - Done It All (Feat. Billy Blast & Young Chu) [Prod. By D. Rich]
10 Ofishal - Molotov Cocktail (Feat. Lil Mal) [Prod. By The Perfexionists]
11 Ofishal - Double Cups (Feat. Billy Blast) [Prod. By Eightoeight]
12 Ofishal - The Dark [Prod. By Ducko Mcfli]
13 Ofishal - Live Twice (Feat. G-Lo) [Prod. By Coop Take Off On Em]
14 Ofishal - Get It Quick (Feat. C.U.B., West The Hustleman, G-Lo & Billy Blast) [Prod. By Eightoeight]
15 Ofishal - Shotgun Outro

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