DJ Folk Presents Starlito - I Love You, Too Much (The Necessary Evils)


1. (00:02:24) All Star - The Necessary Evils
2. (00:04:13) All Star - Do The Middleman (Ft. Yo Gotti) (prod. by Drumma Drama)
3. (00:03:00) All Star - Say My Name (Feat. Mack Maine) (prod. by Broadway)
4. (00:02:54) All Star - I Go Ham (prod. by Mop Top)
5. (00:03:39) All Star - Plays Of The Week (prod. by NYSE)
6. (00:03:24) All Star - Oh Em Gee (prod by Celsizzle)
7. (00:03:18) All Star - Story To Tell (Prod By Hot Rod)
8. (00:03:36) All Star - I Dont Believe Her (prod. by Street Symphony)
9. (00:03:11) All Star - Steve Mcnair (RIP Number 9)
10. (00:04:17) All Star - Champagne Crazy 2.0 (Feat. Robin Raynelle and Yo Gotti) (prod. by Fate Eastwood)
11. (00:03:48) All Star - First Name Last Name (Starstyle)
12. (00:03:38) All Star - I Got Hoes (prod. by Drumma Drama)
13. (00:02:46) All Star - Highway 231 Music (Feat. Rich Boy)
14. (00:01:35) All Star - Its Off Safety (prod. by JA)
15. (00:03:48) All Star - I Got A Plug (Feat. Red Dot) (prod. by Coop)
16. (00:03:49) All Star - Thinkin Out Loud (prod. by Mop Top)
17. (00:02:16) All Star - Ego (Starstyle)
18. (00:02:23) All Star - International (Starstyle)
19. (00:02:11) All Star - Do The Cal Naughton Jr
20. (00:05:05) All Star - Weed Smoker Music (prod. by Mick Vegas)
21. (00:03:13) All Star - Champagne Crazy 2.1 (prod. by Dumasani Sr.)
22. (00:04:04) All Star - I Know Now (Feat. Robin Raynelle) (prod. by Broadway)
23. (00:04:23) All Star - I Love You Too Much (Ft. Young Buck) (prod. by Scorp Diesel)

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Lito always fire!

Download this, if he really signed with cash money mixtapes is all he will ever put out. Gotti already left cash money cause he should of had an album after he signed years ago. I dont even know why baby n wayne sign people and never let them drop anything, especially Gotti he should of been there main focus. Allstar, Yo Gotti, Young Buck, Haystak, Playa Fly (if he ever gets out of jail),Yung Kee, Repin Tennessee Hard!!
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starlito tapes are classics

growth & development... this is a aite tape so was the first one this dude one of the best in the cash money camp if not the best he needs to drop a album or get on down like gotti and halsted but yea nice tape.
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Allstar has 6 other mixtapes

Allstar has 6 other mixtapes that I know of, Starlitos way part 1 and 2, I love you too, got mine get yours, and tenn-a-keyan parts 1 and 2, on the tenn-a-keyan 2 check out his remix of "bust the windows out your car"
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Im pretty sure Yo Gotti is still signed to Cash Money, there's nothing on him leaving or left... Im surprised Cash Money signed Lito though. That shows they have an agent with a good ear for talent, Lito was probably their best signed deal in a very long time.. [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
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Yo Gotti said in a couple

Yo Gotti said in a couple songs that he bought his deal out with his own money to go on his own.
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Ok i just got this from a clip off the interview with him

Ok i just got this from a clip off the interview with him and "
Quote: Now I'm confused with this one, were you ever signed to Cash Money?
Yo Gotti: I never been signed to Cash Money. I just describe them as my home boys. I was looking at Twitter when Bow Wow signed to Cash Money and a lot of people were making references to me saying I was signed to Cash Money.
But I have a production deal with Cash Money/Universal and I have an artist name with All Star, who signed me through Cash Money.
That's my business with Cash Money but we're like family so I'm always used to being with them and running with them.
They done a lot of things for me, helped me and showed me a lot of things.
People think that I was signed to them but I was never signed to them.
So i guess he was never Signed to Cash Money, just had some Business with them and production, so it make sense now what all happened.. was kinda confusing, But on his Official Bio, Myspace and on Wiki it say's he's on Cash Money Records Label, so maybe they working on something or "Was" working on something that we all don't know about?
[-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
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Damn I cant even tell you

Damn I cant even tell you how many songs he says something bout his deal with cash money going back to the "back to the basics" cd, he said birdman gave him a million to sign, then here recently on one of his new songs he says he bought his deal back or something like that, but I cant argue wit you when you got the quote up there and everything!! I would rather him not sign with cash money Gottis good on his own, he doesnt need to be part of a group he can stand on his own, he might be bigger than he is now if Kia Shine didnt loose his first record label Rap Hustlers with TVT, and gotti, playa fly, skinny pimp, gangsta black, criminal mane, yung kee, they all had to start over being on a bankrupt record label, well Kia Shine got fucked over by TVT but I dont know all bout that, I just know Yo Gotti has a buzz all over the country he just needs a big record deal.

Its so damn funny how

Its so damn funny how everyone thinks they know any and everything but they just sound dumb when they open they cocksucker. Keep ya head up lito you killing the game. Best rapper thats not 6 feet under.