DJ Spinz & Supplya - Gift Wrap

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01 Supplya - Intro
02 Supplya Feat. Omega - Horny Girl
03 Supplya Feat. Omega, Gorilla Zoe & Jody Breeze - Break A Chick Down [Prod. By
Cavi & Oz]
04 Supplya Feat. Omega & Diego Cash - Stop Worrying Me [Prod. By Cavi & Oz]
05 Supplya Feat. Gorilla Zoe - Give It To Ya
06 Supplya - She Got Me Turnt Up [Prod. By Drumma Boy]
07 Supplya - Supplya Interlude
08 Supplya - Fly Wit Me [Prod. By Cavi & Oz]
09 Supplya Feat. Gorilla Zoe - Baddest Bitch
10 Supplya Feat. Cavi - She Got It [Prod. By Mouse]
12 Supplya - Can't Get Enough Of That [Prod. By Zaytoven]
13 Supplya Feat. Porsha - You Ain't Gettin This [Prod. By Luney Tunez]
14 Supplya Feat. Cut The Check - Come Here
15 Supplya Feat. Jazze Pha - Pull Dat Thang Up
16 Supplya - Club On Fire
17 Supplya - Love Supplya [Prod. By Cavi & Oz]
18 Supplya - Fcked Up
19 Supplya - D Boy Music
20 Supplya Feat. Sheena T - Goin' Crazy
21 Supplya Feat. Gloss - All I Do Is Shop

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somebody shoud d/l this n see if its any good....
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last wun

NoOneNose Ririzzlm that last supplya tape "h music" wasn't too bad so going to give this a listen.
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i fucks w/ supplya...ill d/l

i fucks w/ supplya...ill d/l it and see what he put out
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dont d/l wack shit

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