DJ Triple Exe - The Passion Of R&B 13


1. (00:02:57) The Dream Ft. R.Kelly - Veteran
2. (00:02:34) Laroo Ft. E-40 & Mic Conn - Top Spot
3. (00:03:09) Jazmine Sullivan - Holding You Down (Old School Remix)
4. (00:04:02) Ne-Yo Ft. Rick Ross - Champagne Life (Remix)
5. (00:03:24) Usher Ft. Pitbull - DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love
6. (00:03:29) Sterling Simms Ft. Bei Major - Coo Coo
7. (00:02:38) Nina Sky - You Ain't Got It (Funk That)
8. (00:05:03) The Dream - February Love
9. (00:04:36) The Dream - Yamaha
10. (00:03:51) Ciara - Gimme That
11. (00:03:15) Enrique Iglesias Ft. Usher - Dirty Dancer
12. (00:03:14) Bei Maejor - Kisses In The V.I.P.
13. (00:02:26) Rock City - She's All Up On Ten (Prod. By Prettyboifresh)
14. (00:03:04) M-Bass - BlackBerry Chick
15. (00:03:09) Ray Lavender - High
16. (00:03:14) R. Kelly Ft. Ludacris - Tongues
17. (00:02:47) Teairra Mari - Body
18. (00:03:32) Trey Songz Ft. Nicki Minaj - Bottoms Up
19. (00:03:10) Rico Love - Makin Love
20. (00:02:51) Sophia Fresh - Baddest Bitch
21. (00:02:54) Lyfe Jennings - My Baby Mama's Tryna Kill Me

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track 21, poor guy...haha
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R&B has gotten shitty

No one is singning anymore, what the fuck? Auto-tuned, super Synthesized, everything is computerized.. Microsoft should just upgrade and perfect the MS-SAM program and let me type lyrics in there and lay some artificial vocals over a beat. you no longer need to impress anyone with a trained singing voice, just breath into a Synthesized mic and tell the producer to fix it up. And they're just pumping this shit out like it's good lol, 5-10 years from now you aint gone wanna hear none of this shit in the R&B classic radio station.
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Try this...

You are so right!!!!

I so totally agree with you dninc, I still listen to 90s and earlier R&B, I always think I'm biased because it's the music I grew up listening to and thought maybe I had 'grown out' of this type of music. To my ears it all sounds the same, there are no real vocals and even good singers like Mary J have adopted that horrible synthezised sound, also artists don't put the same effort into their album in terms of flow, production and quality any more. They are lacking emotion and I would rather not listen to something I could replicate in my living room, for me music should inspire not be boring! I really doubt that in 10 years anyone will be listening to N-Dubz! I miss the good old days....Mona Lisa, Mary J's early albums as well as the wicked hip hop, I am currently listening to Stevie Wonder who to me sounds so fresh and original even now....What's going on with R&B?!?
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its called R&P

they dropped the blues and replaced it with POP....haha
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more like c&p

crap and pop
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first of all you DO have to

first of all you DO have to have some talent even with auto tune. look at that one bitch from the house wifes of ATL 'dont be tarty for the party' i can hear the auto tune and ummm still sounds like shit. auto tune is the fuckin future embrace it!
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late 70s early 80s i think..

Auto tune is the past, let it go! and also un-original bitch!
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U have got to be fuckin kidding me

Auto-tune is the fuckin future? get the fuck outta here with that dumb ass shit you talkin, c'mon Non-singing = future of talent? Bitch i can sound good on a fuckin Auto-tune and i can't sing a lick.
Go here and listen to this and give them a record deal since you think it's the future and we should embrace it..
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this track list looks

this track list looks good...wait a min what the fuck enrique iglesias? i can be your hero baby HAHA!

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