DJ Warrior & DJ Joey Slick - Unity Vol 1 (Middle East Meets Japan)

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1. Deen - Get Right/ Unity Intro
2. Deen- Rhyme (Prod. Punjabisha)
3. Deen - Get Da Bizness (Prod. J Classic)
4. Big Bang Theory - Dreamer (Prod. J Stillton)
5. Perfect Storm feat. Deen - Hood Rules Apply
6. Rappagariya - Hajimari No Aizu (Prod. J Stillton)
7. Arabian Knightz feat. MC Amin - The One
8. Butcher feat. Big Bang Theory - Forget You (Prod. J Stillton)
9. Diligent Thought - Inner Man
10. Deen - Renegade (Prod. Madness)
11. Rappagariya - Koitsu Ga Uwasa No Tokyo San (Prod. J Stillton)
12. Weaponry - 20s Down South (Prod. Big 4D)
13. Perfect Storm - Swagger Set
14. Butcher feat. Lisa - About You (Prod. J Stillton)
15. Diligent Thought - Could It Be
16. Deen - Millionaire (Prod. Big 4D)
17. Perfect Storm - Back Freestyle
18. Rappagariya - Ai To Yume To (Prod. J Stillton)
19. Deen - Get On (Prod. Mr. Dion)
20. We7 Boys feat. Abir Zinati - Sot El Samt
21. Sphinx - Throwin Rocks
22. Weaponry - Handz In Da Air (Prod. Shizz Beats)
23. Black Park - Down
24. Sphinx - My Time
25. Phat Mo - In Ma Head
26. Butcher feat. Lisa - About You (Tokyo Metro Remix) Prod. J Stillton
27. Outro

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dis shit wack as fuk and i didnt even download it, japan? 4real? but to whos there own i guess.
๑۩۞۩๑ Mista-843 ๑۩۞۩๑! (south killalina)
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Diligent Thought 9 & 15 worth a dl

The beats are good, but the dudes are killin it. I cant understand arabic or japanese.... Whoever goes first on the Diligent Thought tracks should drop the other guy and go solo, Hes really fuckin good. 5/10
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Dis shit is kinda sweet!!! If u got Big speakers (Not Computer speakers) Then u'll be able to Bang dis shit!!!!
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Deen sounds like Paul wall