DJ Whiteowl - Whiteowl Drop That 118

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01. Dj Whiteowl - Intro
02. Jadakiss Ft. Nas & Sheek Louch - N.Y.C (Hot !!!)
03. Jadakiss Ft. Styles.P - Top 5 Dead Or Alive
04. Jadakiss - The Champ Is Here (Remix)
05. Eminem - I'm Not Afraid (New Single)
06. Jay-Z - Maybach (Unreleased)
07. Lil Wayne Ft. Rick Ross - 20's. 10's & 5's
08. Jim Jones - I Wanna Get High
09. Lloyd Banks, Jim Jones, Lil Kim & Dj Self - Standin' On Couches
10. Styles P, Sheek, Jim Jones, Hell Rell, Grafh, Vado, Papoose, Nore & More -
Rollin 25 Deep Pt 2
11. Vado , Camron & Kid Cudi - Ur' Killin Me
12. Jay Electronica & Puff Daddy - The Ghost Of Christopher Wallace
13. Papoose - It All Falls Down
14. Drake Ft. Big Sean - We Made
15. Drake Ft. Rick Ross - Find Your Love (Remix)
16. A-Mafia - I Got The Power
17. A-Mafia Ft Tom Gist - Harlem
18. Two Five - Freestyle
19. 50 Cent - Interview
20. Game - I'll Find You
21. French Montana Ft Nipsey Hussle, Wiz Khalifa & Big Sean - Im On It
22. Hell Rell - The Rumors
23. Hell Rell - When I Come Thru
24. Jadakiss - The Coach Of The Year
25. Jadakiss - Freestyle
26. Jadakiss - They Still Hatin'
27. Unce Murda & Jadakiss - It's Whatever Homie
28. Outro

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Im gonna avoid this one.. WhiteOwl needs to step it up! **Try Harder**
who cares's picture

this tracklist looks pretty

this tracklist looks pretty bad (like not good haha), ima be back wit da results later
thatsthatshit's picture

All that nigga did was copy

All that nigga did was copy a few joints off those select artist last mixtapes. shit is fuckin twack. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout
who cares's picture

i know

it's pretty easy to tell he took like half the Jada tape. I'm surprised i don't see a grip of Jeezy too
tmjr23's picture

that jeezy gunna be on the

that jeezy gunna be on the next whiteowl tape lol... he ran out of time 2 put that on there
who cares's picture

haha yea your probably right

haha yea your probably right XD
who cares's picture

in the end...

i only kept 9 trax. it prob would've been a decent tape if he didn't load it wit all da Jada trax dat i already had. I mean there was other shit that came out this past week. Coulda put the new Jay Rock track, new Maino track, new Ice Cube, new Young Buck, new Joell Ortiz. He coulda easily replaced all those Jada tracks wit shit ppl may hav not had. anyway 5/10 because take out the Jada trax and the intro, outro, and interview, minus the shitty trax, it's pretty a weak attempt by White Owl
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who cares

You and GayJay are the only two homos still white fouls cawk.
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How am i on his crack?? I downloaded the tape and gave my opinion on it. That's what the fuckin' comment section is for. smh at ignorant ppl
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Fucking fags...5th Ward Tx Off That Lockwood Dr.
thatsthatshit's picture

You got any haberno peppers

You got any haberno peppers for sale Mr Beanboy? Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout
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I like Whiteowl

Whiteowl usually never dissapoints. gonna bump this in the whip right now (after Trap or Die 2 of course :)
2000mil's picture

i agree on whiteowl & Jeezy

da dopeman wrote:
Whiteowl usually never dissapoints. gonna bump this in the whip right now (after Trap or Die 2 of course :)
Will have to skip a few track cause I've had Jada on repeat for a couple of days. Whiteowl always bringing some new music tho. What i want to know is where the fuck is biggie jiggie, in jail? did he get a day job? maybe just doing his thing in those R & B clubs cause he put down a lot to much wet shit for my taste. Yeah Jay Jay superstar Jay is alright but he screams too much.
JayJayGemini's picture

hell yeah

you god damn right i fuck wit whiteowl, his tapes NEVER disappoint me, where else am i gonna get my east coast jams from? Whiteowl & Superstar Jay are my 2 main DJ's! Anyway i already told you dont worry bout what im doin, why dont you take ya lame ass off mixtapetorrent for 20 minutes and go find your sorry ass a social life LMAO... i spend my weekends bloggin on mixtapestorrent lookin ass
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Today is wednesday bro.
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Today is Thursday. One more

Today is Thursday. One more day to your action packed blog weekend. I bet you couldnt catch an STD if you wanted to. Most people in life screw just yung n screwed. Get the fuck off this site already wit your stupid corny fake texas ass.