DJ Whiteowl - Whiteowl Drop That 148

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01 - Lil Wayne - Intro
02 - Lil Wayne Ft Cory Gunz - 6Ft7Ft New Single
03 - Lil Wayne - Im Good
04 - Stylesp Stack Bundles Drag-On Chinx Drugz - W
05 - Jadakiss Maino Jim Jones Joell Ortiz Swizz Be
06 - Jadakiss The Bounce Squad - The Bounce Is Back
07 - Sheek Louch - We Run Shit
08 - Sheek Louch - Ready 4 War
09 - Hell Rell - Im On That
10 - Hell Rell - Freestyle
11 - Lil Wayne - New Ym Member
12 - Young Chris Ft Eve Meek Mill Black Thought - Ph
13 - Grafh - So Appalled
14 - Vado T-Rex Charlie Clips Smoke Dza Butch Ny N
15 - D-12 - I Go Off Freestyle
16 - Curtains - Freestyle
17 - Fred Da Godson I-Dub - Omg
18 - Fred Da Godson - Murda
19 - Ron Paul - Whateva Happens
20 - Sheek Louch - Club Packed
21 - Shiest Bubz Ft Broadway Slim Streets - Give It A

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6ft7ft goes

Rest is wack. 1/10

Are you fucking kidding? Did

Are you fucking kidding? Did you even listen to the tape? You must be stupid as fuck with no taste in music to class the entire rest of the tape as 'Wack'. 10/10, amazing tape. Liked every single track.
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sorry bro i just think east coast music is boring. No need to get your panties in a bunch, we all have different taste in music.

I just hate how everyone on

I just hate how everyone on this site is so critical, why critisise a tape with east coast music on it if you know you don't like east coast? That's like me saying I hate Justin Biebers new song.. Ofcourse i'm gonna hate it, I don't like pop music so I don't download it or even bother listening to it. 'Sheek Louch - We Run Shit', nice flow and nice instrumental to go with it, don't see how you can like 6'7' and not that. Fair enough if you don't rate East Coast but it's definately not a 1/10 tape.


couldnt of said it better man. u dont like east coast shit keep yo ass downloadin that dirty south trash. i cant listen to that i dont. mothafuckas just wanna talk shit on the goddamn internet
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I did man...

The only thing i kept was that 6'7 track and trash the rest, thats why i rate it 1/10 you dumb ass! Sensitive ass little kids, so i dont like east coast music wtf do you care so fucking much for?? If it makes you feel any better i did use to like east coast music way back when The WU was hot, When biggie was dropping hot gems, you know before Mobb Deep got with She-Unit?? The east coast fell off years ago youngin, Nicki Minaj is the only one making noise upthere and thats lame. If i dont dig it im not wasting space in my hardrive just to make you punk ass little snot nose basterds happy.. Sensitive ass skinny jean wearing emo kids!!


Gthang wrote:
skinny jean wearing emo kids!!

So because I am literate and

So because I am literate and have a diverse taste in music it means I am an emo who wears skinny jeans? Don't really follow your logic there. And if you actually read what I said the point I was making was that you said you don't like east coast at all so why bother even listening to it? It's annoying because then some people might come on here, see your comment and then overlook the tape when they may well have liked it.

holy shit

your chubby retarded ass is so goddamn stupid. what the dude is sayin is how the fuck can you rate it when you dont like the style of music? why would you even bother if you dont like it? and why the FUCK even select the tracks to download? uncheck what you know you dont like and keep all the garbage yo gottis and waka flackas...keep your fat ass judging all the shit music and leave east coast shit to motherfuckers that know what it is. keep your response short cuz you aint gettin a reply, youll be wasting your energy and your fat ass needs to conserve it
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Calm down soldier why you so mad?? lmao!.. I noticed you east coast cats get real defensive nowadays whenever someone put your music down. If east coast music was as good as you two bitches make it sound you and your girlfriend wouldn't be getting all offended about it. What you think you accomplished by talking trash online? You actually think you hurting my feelings by calling me names?? You don't even know me bro so why you talking like you do? Fat!? ha-ha!! Fool im 6'3 and im kickboxer, so consider yourself lucky you don't have me infront of your face rightnow because i would mop the floor with your ass and have you in a wheelchair for atleast 6 months!! Stupid ass little kid e-thuggin like you hard. Get a fucking life little bitch yall worse than bitches. Catching feelings online over music, ha-ha!! Yeah nigga i said it.. EAST COAST HIP-HOP IS DEAD! what the fuck are you going to do about it besides tappin them keys on your keyboard extra hard?? Nothing homie, you aint going to do a damn thang so just shut the fuck up! you just making yourself look bad stupid!! Go smoke something and mellow the fuck out for real.

Gthang wrote:Fool im 6'3 and

Gthang wrote:
Fool im 6'3 and im kickboxer, so consider yourself lucky you don't have me infront of your face rightnow because i would mop the floor with your ass and have you in a wheelchair for atleast 6 months!!
Ok, fair enough. But you then go on to say
Gthang wrote:
Stupid ass little kid e-thuggin like you hard.
Quite contradictory. Says a lot that you managed to take a discussion about differences in music tastes in to physically fighting someone.

soapbox moment

WTF is this "Days of our lives" or some shit? I thought this was a music site?? I agree with dat essay, eastcoast shyt is wack! dat shyt b makin me sleepy everytime i listen to it. Nigga gotta b sippin on some red bull everytime. Dont ever bump eastcoast shyt in ur whip cause it might cause drowsiness and kill u! LMAO!!!!!! Oh man i crack myself up! U touchie azz niggaz need to just get the hell on with dat shyt, gettin mad cause other ppl dont listen to the same shyt u do. Thats fucking lame!! YA ACTIN LIKE SOME SENSITIVE AZZ FEMALEZ!! ALL OF YALL!!!!!!!
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Get you game up son, you

Get you game up son, you obviously skipped over Joell Ortiz!
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no ceilings

drop for track3? common white owl. 2 interviews and 6'7 already leaked* iiN ThE CuT RoLLiiN DooBies UPP *
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white owl

with a no ceilings drop? commonnn. 2 interviews and 6'7 already dropped? Jadakiss is sick tho* iiN ThE CuT RoLLiiN DooBies UPP *
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6 7

6-7 goes hard amilie still a hotter beat tho
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7/10 He prolly dont like to

7/10 He prolly dont like to hear real mc's. One of dem Wack rapper listener like mr. Southwest. "Protect Ya Neck" Wu Tang


if im from harlem aint a hard track you need to get the fuck on to a new genre of music man
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hell yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa d12
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I didn't wanna say anything buuttt.

If EastCoast music is so elite and the best available, why does this tape have 3 Lil Wayne Tracks and he's on the intro to bait nigga's to listen to this shit, you think it would get the same affect if say 50 cent was on the intro and had the first couple of tracks? naw.
And i like East coast music i have no problem listening to real lyrics, and i think it's coming back in style soon but (Im JUST SAYIN, RIGHT NOW, IT'S NOT) it's not really that popular right now, it aint gonna get request, radio play and it's no longer the shit people bumpin in their car, DMX early shit, Ja Rule, JayZ and 50cent first couple of albums was the last shit i heard people everywhere wanting to hear on a regular and was a must request even down south, now it's Kanye West, Em and maybe a Jay Z hit.
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Yea It prolly never Be

Yea It prolly never Be POPular dats why real MCs is underground in the words of Talib Kweli "Protect Ya Neck" Wu Tang