DJ Whiteowl - Whiteowl Drop That 69

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01. Eminem - Swag Juice (Not On Album)
02. Eminem - Microphone Fiend (Not On Album)
03. Eminem - Freestyle
04. Lil Wayne & Juelz Santana - Im A Ryder
05. Styles P & D.Block - We In The Streets
06. Styles P - Gangsta
07. Jadakiss , Camron & Styles P - Its History (Massive Trip Remix)
08. Gillie Da Kid ,Flashy Freddy &Kilo - Pull It
09. Freeway - Its Murda
10. Joe Budden - Suicide
11. Lil Wayne - Im Down
12. Nipsey Hussle - Grams & Goldchains
13. Sheek Louch - Down
14. Redman & Method Man - I Know Sumthin
15. Wu Tang & Cypress Hill - The Masters
16. Interlude - Hate
17. N.O.R.E Ft Dj Premier & Poet - Hate Is A Drug
18. Camron - 2 The Top
19. Two Five - Ill Kill U
20. Corpral Asskick -More Mixtapes (Tribute 2 Mixtape Djs)
21. Wyclef ,Timbaland -
22. Camron - Whoo Hoo
23. Guru - Lost & Found
24. Eminem - Beautiful
25. Lil Wayne , Joel Ortiz, Tommy Lee, Sum 41, J-Son & Sparkdawg - Im A Loser (Remix)
26. Wyclef - We Made It
27. Bonus Track

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hell yea da trak list looks

hell yea da trak list looks dope

Well then........

Is Eminem sucking Whiteowl's dick or is it visa versa?


wtf u gay o sumtin? u jus pissd cuz there's only 3 wayne trax hu? lmfao. Eminem da G.O.A.T.


wh0 c@r3s wrote:
wtf u gay o sumtin? u jus pissd cuz there's only 3 wayne trax hu? lmfao. Eminem da G.O.A.T.
Em is not the G.O.A.T. period. While he is good There are other rappers (white mind you) that make em look tame. Lil Wyte, Haystak just to name 2 of them. Em just got lucky and got in with Dre and it popped off from there. No hate towards Em but he is not the best.


w/e it ur opinion n i can accept dat but in my eyes he da greatest rappa alive. If Pac & BIG were still here i think dey wud b tied lmao


yea everyone has their own opinion and all that....but lil wyte??? haystack??? better than eminem...thats just fuckin ridiculous...and biggie is the G.O.A.T. anyways...

crack make u type dumb

crack make u type dumb shit,lil whyte,haystak make em look tame??? your having a fuckin relapse.....go to this is check out the em freestyle with alchemist,maybe not the best rapper alive but most deff the best white rapper breathing.....not intended for internet beef cause we just dont do that.

the freestyle is on this cd

track 3 i think

yo did u just say lil,wyte?

yo did u just say lil,wyte? the dude from the 3 6 mafia family? and haystak? o.......k buddy. wow! "Em just got lucky and got in with Dre and it popped off from there." end quote. If u even listened to eminem u would understand that his content and lyrical ability takes over 80% of a beat produced by Dr. Dre. Lil' Wyte and Haystak lmmao! u r entitled to your opinion though. Asher Roth another "white" rapper mind u who can rap his ass off wasn't even mentioned in your comment. u would've looked at least decent if u would have just named him instead off the two you named bro. so by that said and by being a fan of the hip-hop community i can tell all you do is listen to beats and lyricism


srry dude but Asher sux. i had 2 stop u there lmao. Asher is a joke

Once Again: Opinions

If you think Asher is a joke, then you obviously haven't listened to much from him.


yo i gave his hole cd a listen. it wuz a joke im srry he sux ballz

Wax is that dude

Wax is that dude

Shut up. They both lame.

Shut up. They both lame. Haystek and Lil Wyte. Em is top 3 dead or alive. He together there with Pac and Big.

Yo Cam'ron is the best just

Yo Cam'ron is the best just not promoted right....stay hood nigga

cam is koo but a lot of his

cam is koo but a lot of his songs r crap
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not close

THATS WHATS UP!!! em on top of the game hay and wyte not even close to em.

Umm. Listen to Ems album

Umm. Listen to Ems album infinite, NO DR. DRE. Sickest lyricist from day 1. Nobody touches his rhyme skills. NOBODY. Let alone one of the worst "rappers" ive ever heard and would hate to ever have to suffer through another song of his (lil wyte). TERRIBLE. NOT IN THE SAME UNIVERSE AS EM. Fuck outa here.

If you think that Lil Wyte

If you think that Lil Wyte is ANYWHERE near Eminems level... Find the nearest call and bash your head against it. You're a RETARD.

gay stack and fuckin lil

gay stack and fuckin lil dike?! GARBAGE PERIOD haystack and lil whyte will proly tell u themselves they aint even in the same fuckin league as EMinem and also u shouldnt b even allowed to talk about the rap game anymore for that comment. ill slap lil white and haystack wit ALL of eminems number one albums, u wanna talk a lyricist u talk EMINEM , and pac was a poet but damn that dude wasnt the best, everybody get brainwashed cuz they believe whatever they hear
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eminem is bigger then hip hop.

are you serious? eminem is bigger then hip hop. lyrically the best in the game. lil wyte? realllyy? common man..


No, bitch...your mother sucking Whiteowl's dick!

the first three tracks are

the first three tracks are just freestyles he did on tim westwood

gangzta rap is dead. hiphop is dead too

but trappin aint. DERTY SOUTH NIGGA!!!!!!!!!!

why does white owl get so

why does white owl get so much love? you can't put out 4 mixtapes a week and they're all quality. a lot of it has to be filler.


wtf homie u jus discribed a fukn biggy jiggy tape lmfao





cant fuck with em he's that

cant fuck with em he's that real ass nigga.....straight best rapper live.......................get at me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Took My Time To Read This Shit, Depends On The Person/People

Some Say Pac, Em, Biggie, Even Wayne. Its ALL About The Environment You Came Up In. The Way The Rapper Grabs Your Attention By Putting The Picture In Your Head. Hate A Motherfucker But The Wackiness Of M&M n Waynes Flows Make Me Pay Attention, But They Do Not Capture Me Fully. Brotha Lynch Hung Was Eatin Fried Baby Nuts And Tearing Menstrating Pussy Up Way Before These 2 Hit Mainstream, True He Not As Gifted. But, Hey, H To The Izzo Woulda Never Happened If E-Fezzzie And Mac Dreezie Didnt Come With That West Coast Venacular Too Hard To Miss! Pac And Biggie Were Two Different Dudes All Together. One Would Kill And One Would Die, I Believed Pac Would Die For What He Believed In, But Never Gave Too Much Credentials To Big After He Had That Interview Breathin All Hard Sayin He Scared Of Dying. Then. "Ready To Die" Came Naw, I Look At That And Say, "Motherfuckers Are Rappers When They Trying To Get Attention Bout What They Trying To Say, Thats Why They Got Mo Money And YOU Aint A Problem." Pac Was Real, He Spoke From His Heart And Knew Someone Was Gonna Get The Drop On Him And Dead Him, And Still Got The Recognition He Was After. So, Fuck Rap, It Is Full Of A Bunch Of Fake Fucks Trying To Sell The Masses An Image. I Dont Believe These Fuck Rappers At All. Free 2Pac, That Dude Need To Be Freed From His Chains And Released To Ravage These Cream Puff Fucks Like The Savage Dude WAS, IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE...... *Click*Clack* Thug Life............