DJ Whoo Kid - Quan: Long Time Coming Vol. 1

DJ Whoo Kid takes you to Queensbridge to put it down with Quan on
this Shadyville-approved mixtape showcasing the Nas protege. In QB,
one emcee has stood alone for a decade strong -- now the God's Son
passes the torch to his Illmatic Records protege and while the shoes Q's
trying to fill are huge, he's walking with Whoo Kid and that's a good start.

1 - Intro
2 - Been a Long Time
3 - Slick Talk
4 - Simply Ridin’ – produced by Red Spyda
5 - Puzzles & Pictures
6 - G Tight
7 - Like Who
8 - On My Grizzle
9 - Cocked and Ready
10 - Real Talk
11 - Truth to be Told
12 - Treacherous


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good shit...i think quan iz

good shit...i think quan iz really gonna hit it big wit his album this year...u should dwnld it...peace out


When his album drops... go pay a little cash for it... dont download it. Show love. This whole dowloading thing... doesnt make money... we gotta support em. I download the discs to look into em. Then if they deserve it pay a little.
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mixtapes are, and always have been, for promotional use only. also if you feel so strongly about "showing love" to this guy, why not write him a check for all the enjoyment you got out of this free mixtape? thin line between love and money huh?


this is a old mixtape it came out in 2005
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shits preety dope, he sings

shits preety dope, he sings a lil but yet it aint corny. ,BETTABELIZEIT....LEGACY ENT. WE RUN AZ


realest work streets

wavey real vs fake quan real

wavey real vs fake quan real wayne fake n so on