DJ Whoo Kid - Sam Scarfo: The Corner

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DJ Whoo Kid puts a serious street movement behind one of Jay-Z's
reasons to be optimistic about the future of Def Jam. Sam Scarfo aka.
Sam Sceeze brings you to The Corner to show you where he learned his
sh*t. Representing New Jeru to the fullest, this Shadyville mixtape is a
little street sampler of what's to come with his anticipated debut album

1 - Thug Luv
2 - G-G-Gang
3 - 40 Bars
4 - Concrete Jungle
5 - Hustlin'
6 - Tarantula
7 - You Don't Know Nada
8 - Goes Out To You
9 - Good Coke, Good Dope
10 - She Likes Me
11 - Who Want It
12 - That Gangsta
13 - Chrome Snubz
14 - For The Hood
15 - One On One
16 - It's Aight
17 - It Is What It Is
18 - What, What
19 - I'm Ready

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whats going on

i started to DL this a few days back. ever since 25% no matter how many times i remove this from Azures and try to restart it or even dl the .torrent file again it gives errors and will not continue the dl. the error says torrent not found on this tracker. whats going on. even without it finding it on the tracker its showing the peers but no seeds. from the little bit i can hear outta the messed up tracks that i can get to play. this needs to be fixed. this is the best mixtape i've heard in a while and i aint even hear it yet

Please fix

Somrthings messed up with this or there are no seeders cant get passed 25% for last week or longer please take a look at this torrent