DJ Whoo Kid & CNN - Back On That Q.U. Sh*t

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1. (00:01:08) DJ Whoo Kid & CNN - CNN News Intro
2. (00:02:43) DJ Whoo Kid & CNN - CNN-It's A Body
3. (00:01:57) DJ Whoo Kid & CNN - NORE ft/ Swizz Beatz-Set It Off
4. (00:02:04) DJ Whoo Kid & CNN - NORE-Get It In
5. (00:02:18) DJ Whoo Kid & CNN - NORE-Body In The Truck Pt. 2
6. (00:02:34) DJ Whoo Kid & CNN - NORE ft/ Jadakiss-Under The Bus
7. (00:04:38) DJ Whoo Kid & CNN - CNN ft/ It's Him-Whooo You
8. (00:03:47) DJ Whoo Kid & CNN - NORE-U Ain't A Gangsta
9. (00:01:41) DJ Whoo Kid & CNN - CNN-D.O.A.
10. (00:01:45) DJ Whoo Kid & CNN - CNN-Seduction
11. (00:03:28) DJ Whoo Kid & CNN - CNN-Slingin Night N Day
12. (00:03:44) DJ Whoo Kid & CNN - NORE-Phone Call To Heaven
13. (00:04:14) DJ Whoo Kid & CNN - NORE-World Is Getting Smaller
14. (00:03:09) DJ Whoo Kid & CNN - CNN-I Shine
15. (00:02:53) DJ Whoo Kid & CNN - CNN-Hollywood

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Whoo Kid been on his Grind... It seems like every new tape is being put out by him...

O yea

CNN was the shyte back in the day ima check this out.


A few old songs but c'mon now, it's CNN. Still broadcasting the real sh*t. Missing the hottest track out right now though, "My Hood." Good UP. "T-O-N-Y invade N.Y./ Multiply, kill a cop/ Me and you/ you got beef, I got beeeeef" -CNN Support the underground, real artists, DJ's & veterans. B-More signin' out...1

finally blood money in the

finally blood money in the anthem faggots
jimmyvanis's picture

I bet my ass off that the

I bet my ass off that the new cnn will be far from classic! Without Tragedy Khadafi holdin the production down and Nore's lyrics, this shit gonna be garbage.. plus this niggas be nowhere! where this niggas at? i hope i'll be proven wrong cause hip hop right now needs a classic album like war report and reunion but i doupt that they can deliver it.. as for this mixtape, we all know whoo kid is dumpass! all his tapes is the same shit! he be startin the tracks all oever and all over agaiN!!! what a clown! so i wont even bother to download this one... "Blood Type", Nore!! u know what i'm sayin...

I wont take that bet!

You 101% right. War Report was a classic because of Trag's involvement.He knows from workin with Marley Marl and Large Pro how to make dope streethop. Nore just rap about thuggin and oral sex, Khadafi on another level but this mixtape is an improvement, maybe they can do a decent album but they will NEVER return to where they was in 97!

stfu man Kadhafi didin't

stfu man Kadhafi didin't wrote Noreaga's rhymes
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why dont u shut tha fuck up

why dont u shut tha fuck up and buy for once the original copys of War Report and Reunion albums!!(ask your moma to give some money in exhange u promise her u'll study all week or sth!) Inside, on tha credits of almost each song u can read "NORE'S LYRICS : TRAGEDY KHADAFI" u dumpasss!!! but i guess u anotha of dem smartasses that dont know a shit but still talk shit! its aight kid Soulja Boy is tha man for u...12 year old dumpass!