DJ Woogie & Lil Playboii - Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

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01 - Turnt Up Freestyle
02 - Lemonaid Freestyle
03 - Hoes N Patron
04 - On To The Next One
05 - Ohh Lets Doo It
06 - Money To Blow
07 - Freak Sum
08 - Quicky Song
09 - Shes On Fire
10 - Mr Get That Hoe
11 - Down Down Freestyle
12 - Lilplayboii - Interlude
13 - Steady Mobbin
14 - Playboii - Speaks Shout Outs
15 - Transformers Freestyle
16 - Djwoogie Famous Outro

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i aint feelin this kid at

i aint feelin this kid at all. tryin to be wayne or somethin i dont know. just seem completely fake to me...mY aTTITUDE iS cELEBATE, i dONT gIVE a f**K...

I'm not by any means givin

I'm not by any means givin this guy any props, but i disagree with the wayne comparison. all in all, though, I think his agenda/target audience is made pretty clear by the samples he chose
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Po kid, somebody told him he had talent and he went and invested his hard earned money on it.. Maybe he can save himself like a few kats do and get some nice beats that would drown him out like the other kats needed to have and people would ignore what he's saying and just listen to the beat.. it seems to work for a few kats in the industry nowadays..
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LIL Little Littles etc.

LOL wow another LIL that makes what......40 or so lil's that rap I wouldnt wipe my ass with a mixtape from another man named lil-whatever..lil talent is what he should have called himself