J-Hood Ft. Bodybagz & Rizzy - Double Wood (D-Block DISS)

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idk, not reall feelin J-Hood

idk, not reall feelin J-Hood anymore, just reminds me of all the other rappers that talk about killing n that stuff. o yea and if u listened to 'Hood is Back' his album that no1 listened to, u prob. agree with me when i say it was garbage.
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gay hood

j hood was garbage even with d-block,so id hate to think what his new diss tape will sound like.i used to fast forward though his verses,coz they were weak,looking forward to some new lox shit that i can play right through lol,d-block all day bitches

uk rappers owns yal

www.myspace.com/streetcredential hype is real people this guy aint ever seen no booth n taught hhimself over a peroid of 18 months he the next big thing in talks with dj kay slay