Evil Empire - Grand Hustle Muscle

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1. (00:03:19) T.I. Feat. Robin Thicke - Magic
2. (00:04:17) Yung LA, B.G., Bun B & Gorilla Zoe - Gotta Get My Money
3. (00:04:24) Young Dro - Go To The Club
4. (00:03:47) T.I. - She Like It
5. (00:03:59) Yung LA Feat. Ricco Barrino - Futuristic Love
6. (00:03:26) Big Kuntry Feat. Shawty Red - End Of The Night
7. (00:03:49) Young Dro Feat. T.I. - I'm On It
8. (00:03:09) T.I. - Hell Of A Life
9. (00:03:29) Yung LA - Do The Math
10. (00:03:05) Young Dro - Stacks On Deck
11. (00:02:42) Young Dro - Fire
13. (00:03:34) Yung LA & Young Dro - Take Off
14. (00:03:26) Young Dro - Yes Sir
15. (00:03:23) Young Dro & T.I. - Up On It
16. (00:01:24) T.I. - Welceom To The Trap
17. (00:02:55) Yung LA - Blessings
18. (00:02:33) Young Dro & Yung LA - Got To Know
19. (00:03:09) T.I. - It's All Real
20. (00:02:41) Young Dro & OJ Da Juiceman - Bags
21. (00:03:26) Young Dro - Do Wit You
22. (00:03:38) T.I. - The Way You Want It
23. (00:02:53) Young Dro - Walk On By

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leweege's picture

most of dis shit look

most of dis shit look old.........and especially if it say EVIL EMPIRE every fuckin 2 seconds i definitly aint finna dl............ nigga cant even hear da song good because dis muddaskunt sayin EVIL EMPIRE......WORLD WIDE EXCLUSIVE..........DAM WERE DID U FIND THIS..... nigga say dat shit more than da niggas rappin on da track!!!!! FUCK EVIL EMPIRE.... ill slap dat bitch if i seen him da street and dats on my grandma
atownnigga18's picture

u right most of this shit is

u right most of this shit is old... well i kno young dro stuff is cuz if u dl or got lo life thats where most of dro shit came from and evil empire woulda be tight if he brought that shit back like how drama do when he talks he bring it back like five ten times $Don of Decatur$ Money is Motivation
LewisCP's picture

thanks yall

i was goin to download it but the 2 comments i saw.....i changed my mind...i figured it would be a bunch on old shit