Fabolous - The Soul Tape


01 - Pain (Prod By Santana & P-Thought)
02 - Wolves In Sheep Clothing Ft Paul Cain
03 - Really Tho (Prod By Teddy Da Don)
04 - Thats Not Love Ft Lil Wayne (Prod By Streetrunner)
05 - Leaving You (Prod By Sonaro)
06 - In The Morning
07 - Drugs (Do This To Me) Ft Paul Cain Broadway (Prod By Broadway)
08 - Yall Dont Hear Me Tho Ft Red Cafe (Prod By Cardiak)
09 - Phone Numbers
10 - Mo Brooklyn Mo Harlem Mo Southside Ft Vado Lloyd Banks
11 - Riesling & Rolling Papers
12 - Slow Down Ft Trey Songz (Prod By Dj Swivel)
13 - Pay Back Music Ft Freck Billionaire
14 - (Bonus) Look At Her (You Be Killin Em Pt 2)

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I love the chill mood he brought to this. Something nice & smooth to smoke to. Well worth the wait.


Why would they even add that last bonus track? That shit is fkn wack as all hell! Other than that this shit is solid.
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check it out

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qmk7Dk22sEE&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHao2U-jU6M&feature=related Tell me what you guys think honestly


Yes something new i can't wait to bump this

Act like u Know So

Anotha bangin...Been one of the most consistent dudes 4 a min now.
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Loso delivers again, nice solid tape, this some real kick back shit right here! BEST RAPPER ALIVE!!!
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Ahhhhhh Yeeeeeeaaahhh!

Its here. I already know ima play this all weekend!
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He didn't disappoint. Fab killed it with this tape! Killed it!
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how are the slopes?

d wEEZY 1 wrote:
He didn't disappoint. Fab killed it with this tape! Killed it!
been skiing dude? scarf, beanie and goggles where you been , Antartica? any way i am very dissapointed with this tape, fabo normally bangs but this is soft.
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Ohh wow. This looks like its

Ohh wow. This looks like its gonna be a problem.
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on to the next
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bout time

been waiting for this tape for a min now, time to see what's up ~Mr. Helmick~
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Fab stay doin this...Why are

Fab stay doin this...Why are his albums never this nice???
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you crazy??

fab stay on his grind n them albums got plenty bangers punk stop hatin
rellsworld's picture

"like shaq at the line u prolly missed the point"

Punk?? What are u in 4th grade??? I guess I gotta throw a little "in my humble opinion" for it not to be considered hate. Soooo "in my humble opinion" every album except for maybe loso's way sucked. Wayyy to many commercial tracks for me to take him serious. Every mixtape he ever dropped was tuff though, from TINC 1 and 2 to this shit right here. This mixtape is serious so props to fab for job well done.


i guess ill give it a play....its free...its fab...yall say its alright...plus i wanna hear that track with wayne and the one with trey songz ill prolly chop and screw trey songz is a trip when he's slurred up
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"plus i wanna hear that track with wayne and the one with trey songz ill prolly chop and screw trey songz is a trip when he's slurred up" all a southern twist on rap
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i rather listen 2 Covert Coup

EASTSIDE OF THkA 110 WE BUSTA KILLAZ........(i cant stand bitch ass nigga)
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another south rapper
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nice to see all positive

nice to see all positive comments. Fab kills it on here.
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This surprised me cause fab

This surprised me cause fab is hit or miss wit me but i like this fo-sho,got alotta fire music this week i must admit.
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instant classic!

instant classic!
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no d/l

fab weak as hell [I'd rather bang Screw!!]

yo, you can not hate on this

yo, you can not hate on this dude. He's always consistent and he only brings out fiya music! Much props to him! keep doing your thing fab!


ya hating on my dude..go listening to that screwed and chopped up bullshit. let people who like REAL hip hop rock with this..
Gthang's picture

Why you hating

Why you hating on screw music man?? This shit aint all that. I thought it was kind of boring. Big Krits Returnof4evah & Chams Major Pain 1.5 went alot harder than this bullshit. Nice effort coming out the eastcoast though, since everythang coming from there is usually garbage.
AuToMaTiiC x 1904's picture

What I meant to say was that

What I meant to say was that the East Coast is starting to become quiet.. I wasn't really thinking about the other rappers such as Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz, Mobb Deep, etc. But honestly I do believe the South taking over.. Even though the majority of the music out there is about trappin, swag, & sex that is what appeals to the mainstream eye. If it has a catchy beat & hook the majority of people are gunna take it.. I'm not saying I like mainstream bubble gum shit, I'm just telling you the truth..
rellsworld's picture

why u mad tho??

Gthang wrote:
This shit aint all that. I thought it was kind of boring. Big Krits Returnof4evah & Chams Major Pain 1.5 went alot harder than this bullshit. Nice effort coming out the eastcoast though, since everythang coming from there is usually garbage.
I can't even tell if ur complimenting the tape or dissing it. But as to that last part, to each his own. Some people like lyrics others just listen to the beats. You must be in that latter category, cause that's the only way u could actually believe a statement like that.
Gthang's picture

I aint even mad.. Im just saying

Are you mad?? ..And FYI, I like music with good lyrics plus bangin beats! something a lot of artists fail to accomplished nowadays. Not just the east but niggas from every corner of the map. You can't deny the fact that the east fell off years ago and yall still laid out on the floor. You want to hear good music? go download Big Krit & Chams new shit. Them two joints are 10/10 in my book! Also if you have'nt yet go download Scarface last mixtape he drop last year called "Dopeman Music." That shit there will have you're head spinning like the exorcist garanteed! I dont hate, I just appreciate good music you feel me.
rellsworld's picture

I can't hate on one mans

I can't hate on one mans opinion, but damn homie u actin like the lox died. Is Joell Ortiz still spittin?? What about mobb deep, and nas. Did busta retire?? Joe Budden...I mean u can even throw wiz on that list if we really talkin about the east coast. I know a lot of niggas on this website consider him lyrical. I left out a lot of niggas incluing the big homie cause I could really go on for days. To say the east lost something and then start biggin up the south is crazy. The south got some spittas, and I'm not just talkin about texas cause jay electronica and j cole been showin me a lot lately, but for every face mob u gotta gucci mane. For every andre u gotta waka. The east been puttin out garbage??? Have u listened to travis porter lately??? U wanna tallk texas? u can't consider mike jones lyrical can u?? What happened to bubba sparxx, ying yang twins, shit lil jon if u really wanna get into it. Soulja boy....I mean that shit just don't fly in the east, the games so saturated with the bullshit YA'll puttin out we can't compete. In that sense yea the east fell off, but never lyrically.
JayJayGemini's picture


My man just kicked some real live shit right there, big ups rellsworld, look these dudes cant even respond to that LMAO


Damn Rells you sound like you still stuck in the 90's with that list brah. The Lox, Mobb Deep, Nas, and Busta are u seriouz!? Why dont u just throw Run DMC and The Fatboys on there and call it a day, BAHAHAHA! All them old niggaz aint retired but they need to be. All them dudes are played the fuck out! See thats the the problem with u eastcoast niggaz NO PROGRESSION! New dudes like Joell Ortiz and "One Hit Wonder" Joe Budden will never amount to shit. Shelf material son. Dont blame the south cause ya cant compete, is not our fault ya shit fucking sucks! Yeah sure u niggaz have lyrics but really, wtf do ya talk about?? Buncha dumb niggaz spittin random mambo jumbo tryin to be the next Nas. Half the time ya so worried about your lyrical content u forget to put a decent beat to go with it! That water down shit ya be puttin out get no play in the south brah.. And fuck bubba sparxx, ying yang twins and souljah toy! Yeah we got some garbage rappers in the south but what region doesnt? Shit even the garbage niggaz get more play than the so call "eastcoast legends". I listen to eastcoast radio stations through my iPod all the time and they play more dirty south than ya own shit! Yeah thats how much ya fucking suck. All the lil ny kids on 106npark on our nutz joccin our style. U so desperate for recognition yall claiming Wiz Khalifa now too LOLz!! And to that whiteboy GayGayJemini callin Fab "The best rapper alive" u need to clean the wax out ur ears son. Listen to that joint with Lil Wayne is very obvious who the best is. Weezy wrecked that hoe without the need of a pen and pad. HAHA

Man real soon them old ass

Man real soon them old ass niggas will be 50 n 60 years old still in da club callin' they self young this young that on some pedophile rapper shit they should be signing new niggas in tha SOUTH if they tryin to get money like us as far as that nigga talkin' shit bout Chopped & Screwed musik you don't get it cause by tha time tha "work" gets up there to yall its been stepped n da price is sky-hi so yall niggas supposedly "get right" but ain't really high to understand that Chopped & Screwed shit
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Problem with North/Eastcoast & Westcoast Rap (Today)

They not following their own formula of long term success that the older hip hop heads put together a long time ago and let the south take that formula and run away with it...
Way back when Eastcoast and Westcoast ruled you'd have the old hip hop heads mentoring the youth that wanted to get into the game they'd put them on some of they mixtapes and give them a lil airtime and that eventually evolved nigga's, that lil motivation to keep going and gettin better and becoming better eventually than their mentor is what kept Eastcoast and westcoast on top for so long, producers didn't even want to live or work in the south because the south didn't have that residual talent that constantly kept popping up and even if they wasn't talented they had enough crowd following to make some money from the non-sense they was talkin..
Now the game has flipped, The North and Westcoast old hip hop heads stopped mentoring and started wanting all the money for themselves, they basically left they youth to fend for themselves and that lead to demise of North-eastcoast and Westcoast Hip Hop leaving only the few top elites (JayZ, Busta, Em etc) still putting out shit up there, 15-20 years after they came into the game leaving the Jits out to fight for themselves in this big belly of the beast.
South now does exactly what the North-East and Westcoast did in the 80's and 90's, you have the young kats coming up with their own styles and shit and hungry to get into the game and they being mentored by the kats already in the game, look at Young Money and Maybach music for example, Cash Money already setting themselves up for another 15 years of South Rule over the music entertainment game and even change it over time becoming something of Pioneer's of what Music your children will be listening to and dressing like years from now and not much you can do to stop it from happening, Cash Money being the smartest ran rap label in North America right now, they might not have the best artist but they are getting radio play, They gettin the most cut from their distributor (Universal), They getting the most cut from Album sales, etc of any other label, concerts are selling out,merchandise is never staying on the shelf, they have haters which means they are at the peak or near the peak of their success right now, they are branched out from region to region in some cases other countries are even listening to their artist, Cash Money is becoming what Def Jam, Bad Boy, Death Row, Priority and No Limit was at their peak...
We have all the Snow birds flocking down south to get in on some of this money, The producers that didn't want to work with the South in the past now have no choice but to work with the south or they will not eat!.
I love to listen to Lyrical shit (from the comfort of my own home) but when i want to bump some shit from outta my 15's hard i stick to the south., aint much of anything from the North or Westcoast been coming out that's good enough to come outta those bad boy's at full amps.
dninc's picture

In short..

::For the non-readin kats::
The South is doing it better and the North-eastcoast and Westcoast ain't yet figured out why they bumpin they own shit all by their lonesome all frowned up and beefin with every other nigga that talk about they city shit while the rest of the world is smiling, happy, makin money and moving on..
ya'll livin the past, open the gates to the new Talent and help them help themselves and the south might have to relinquish a lil of his grip on the Music entertainment game.
rellsworld's picture

Damn that's a lot to respond

Damn that's a lot to respond to...aiight here we go. First off screw go pick up a map of the us and tell me where pennsylvania lies on that map. Regionally pittsburgh is part of the east coast. Now Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz don't have many hits, but how many hits do Big Krit or Cham have today?? Yet u still bangin they shit cause they speak truth right? Pick up anything joe budden or joell ortiz ever spit on and tell me they weren't doin the same. Vado, Lloyd, Fab young niggas all on the radio plus they can spit. If you're only interested in commercial success thou nicki killin the radio right now. Now all those niggas u claim are gettin more play than our east coast legends on our radio, is doin the same on your radio. Be real, when the last time u heard scarface or dre gettin play down there?? The shit that's gettin play up here, is gettin heavy spins in every region, and if it sucks up here, then it sucks in every region. So that brings me to my point dnic, I agree east coast and west coast cats haven't been puttin the next cats on and that is a huge problem today. Instead YOUR established artists are pushing OUR young artists, while OUR established artists are going out and looking for the hottest thing in the south. I'm not even gonna deny that that's a problem. I think the bigger problem thou is the radio stations. 2 of the biggest hip hop and r&b stations in the world reside here in ny. Realisically if we really wanted to push our artists we have the biggest outlet to do so, but these dj's are so scared of losing their jobs they're afraid of going a different route. Instead they would rather play the bullshit, a majority of it coming from the south (I'm not budging on that point), that's gettin the most listens. That doesn't make it quality music though.
Grizz TTU's picture

Give up, and shut the fuck Up rells

U lost this argument. third coast dominates. from texas to florida and everything in between (lilweezyana, sip got KRIT, and GA got 1017). all the rappers you named from the northeast blow and that INCLUDES WIZ, your resorting to ortiz and budden, dont make us laugh man "hood muzik" by joe b = Trash, "good bye summer" by Joell ortiz = trash. I will give Fab this "funeral service 2: death to the competition" was throwed but that was seriously the last good tape ive heard from ny or the northeast (this tape is ok but as mentioned earlier the best track is w/ weezy). Not to mention whiteowl's bitch ass drops a weak azz tape every week, just look at this weeks version, 50 and jarule? cant be fukin serious. Last hope yall had was French and Max but thats out the window, face it man northeast may have "started" rap (in yalls own eyes) but the south perfected it. HAHA budden and ortiz tha fux that?
rellsworld's picture

hol up no this nigga didnt

1017???????? Nexttt
Grizz TTU's picture

take ur pick then

dont like 1017 like everyone else? then try grand hustle (t.i., b.o.b., yung dro), lil scrappy, young jeezy, gorilla zoe, young joc, ludacris, lil jon, shawty lo, and outkast and thats just from GA nigga. shit the way it sound GA beats ny by itself, dont get me on tx. You cant win this one
rellsworld's picture

U talkin numbers wise or

U talkin numbers wise or talent wise?? Lil scrappy, young joc, lil jon????? That's ur list? I mean u provin my point basically. U wanna talk tx, go head, cause that ga list ain't cuttin it homeboy
Grizz TTU's picture

Numbers or Talent

It doesnt matter we got both, south changed the game forever and for the best, hip hop was essentially dead til the south's ressurection. Public enemy-tribe called quest-mobb deep listnen azz niggas. Texas Alive- Z-Ro, Slim thug, Lil Keke, Devin the dude, Trae, Chamillionaire, Bun B, Lil Flip, Paul wall, ESG, Magno, killa kyleon, 50/50 Twin, Big Pokey. Texas Dead- Pimp C, Big Hawk, Big Moe. Texas DJs- 5000 watts, OG RON C, Screw (R.I.P.). Rest of third coast minus GA- Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Master P, C-Murder, Juvenille, Soulja Slim, Plies, Mack Maine, Tech 9, Boosie, David Banner, Webbie, Mannie Fresh, Afroman, Rich Boy, K.R.I.T., Nate Dogg (R.I.P.) Currensy, Mystikal, T-pain.
AuToMaTiiC x 1904's picture

Nate Dogg was born in Long

Nate Dogg was born in Long Beach & I believe Tech N9ne is from the midwest

Tru talk

I give props to the east for establishing hiphop but thats it, thats all the love ya gettin from us. As far as owning hiphop and claiming ya better than everyone else thats bullshit! Its obvious the people dont like the eascoast sound because everytime a new region comes into play with a new sound their quick to take the eastcoast shine away from them with the quickness. The westcoast did it now the south. Shit even the mid-west sound better than yall do! And I put Wiz in the mid-west category since that time I seen him in concert claiming, and I quote.. "The new sound of the mid-west" And since when u eastcoast niggaz are so humble to claim someone from outside the state of NY? U fucks and westcoast niggaz are usually pretty proud and dont want no outsiders. Sounds like a desperate cry for help now LOL. I got luv for the pioneers of hiphop but is time to hang it now and give the lil niggaz a chance. U got old azz niggaz like Jay-Z & Busta Rymes going the gym hittin 5 sets/and a 1,000 reps just to stay relevant. Its over granpaw move it along now. 50yr olds still sayin words like kid, son, word to my motha, C'MON GUY YA CORNY AS HELL! ROFLMAO!! Ya stuck between a rock and hard place. Take a lesson from the south and push the lil niggaz out and stay consistent in the game. Hating aint going to get u nowhere either.
rellsworld's picture

No one claimin to "own" hip

No one claimin to "own" hip hop. As I recall the argument was that east coast rappers are better lyrically. Those old ass niggas still have more sense in their damn pinky fingers than ur "Lil Jon's and 1017's" lmfao. U may not respect these legends but ur fav rappers do. And I don't have to claim other states, if u wanna make it a state vs state argument, I'm all for that. But If u wanna make it a region (south) vs region (EAST COAST) thing I'm gonna throw all rappers residing in the north eastern portion of these United States in my argument.


Nobody respects nobody anymore. Niggaz still have that street mentality even tho they out the hood and living in the suburbs. They always want their hood/state to be on top. Hiphop would be a better place if we all just work together. Good lyricist with good producers like Lil Jon. Dont underestimate Lil Jon either that nigga smart. Just watch him on Celebrity Apprentice that nigga holdin his own with the real king of ny Donald Trump! O-well it is what it is, pride and envy will always win over stupid pointless arguements like this.
Grizz TTU's picture

Taking a step back so soon?

All I hear now in short is "ya ur right NY sux but our old guys are still good (been hearin that for 20 years). Well now its not about regions but states(Well maybe the south is better than east). Plus im pretty sure all those warm blood niggas have houses in cold ass NY (No, ppl like like miami ask lebron he ditched the ny scene quick for warmer weather)".
Grizz TTU's picture

Civil war?

At the end of the day it doesnt really matter, we all like rap and thats what does matter. though south would wreck north this time
Gthang's picture


Looks like Rellsworld got his ass chewed up and spit out by all these south niggas.