Fabolous - The Soul Tape


01 - Pain (Prod By Santana & P-Thought)
02 - Wolves In Sheep Clothing Ft Paul Cain
03 - Really Tho (Prod By Teddy Da Don)
04 - Thats Not Love Ft Lil Wayne (Prod By Streetrunner)
05 - Leaving You (Prod By Sonaro)
06 - In The Morning
07 - Drugs (Do This To Me) Ft Paul Cain Broadway (Prod By Broadway)
08 - Yall Dont Hear Me Tho Ft Red Cafe (Prod By Cardiak)
09 - Phone Numbers
10 - Mo Brooklyn Mo Harlem Mo Southside Ft Vado Lloyd Banks
11 - Riesling & Rolling Papers
12 - Slow Down Ft Trey Songz (Prod By Dj Swivel)
13 - Pay Back Music Ft Freck Billionaire
14 - (Bonus) Look At Her (You Be Killin Em Pt 2)

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Nah just got in a lil

Nah just got in a lil workout. I don't even know what we arguing about thou. Its ova for that texas list. Half them niggas don't get play on the radio or in the hood. I ain't wanna get into it cause I kno u niggas gonna ride for those niggas but texas died years ago. The only niggas that's gonna contend that u have more talent than ny is ya niggas that live in texas. If we gonna make this a region argument don't even include them niggas word up. Atl (despite all the bullshit that come outta that city), mia, and N.O. carrying the south right now. Besides that u niggas is takin my words and twistin them to make ur arguments, and I don't really feel like sittin here and correctin u one by one. If someone throws out some intelligence I got no problem responding. For the rest of y'all let's agree to disagree.
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Maybe on you're side of the woods Texas get no play but here where I live that's all I hear. Texas, Lousiana, Memphis, Atlanta and Florida. We play our atrist down here bro unlike the east coast radio stations who don't even show their own artist love. Texas is very much alive, Chamillionaire is dropping alot of new material this year, along with Bun B, Trae, Z-Ro, and Slim Thug. Do your research. New southern cats like Big Krit and Curren$y are just the result of the south not being ready to give up the torch. We still in here. Just wait til' Lil' Wayne drops Carter 4, that's all you going to hear in the airwaves til next summer I'm sure.
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But see we goin back and

But see we goin back and forth between city and the south. I never said u don't hear the south on the radio. In fact my argument was that's all u hear. Of course wayne gonna get air play he's one of the ones that made it to radio that actually CAN spit. Point out one artist from texas that I'll be "hearin all ova the airwaves" this summer.
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I'm gunna end this

iight here we go in Houston, New York, Los Angeles, Afghanistan or wherever tha hell somebody live they gunna play the artists from that area more than others iight. DAMN!!
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rellsworld wrote:
But see we goin back and forth between city and the south. I never said u don't hear the south on the radio. In fact my argument was that's all u hear. Of course wayne gonna get air play he's one of the ones that made it to radio that actually CAN spit. Point out one artist from texas that I'll be "hearin all ova the airwaves" this summer.
You will be hearing alot of Chamillionaire when Poison drops. Rightnow here in Texas Z-Ro it's all over the radio with his new material. And the reason why you hear nothing but southern music all over the radio stations it's obvious... CAUSE WE'RE THE BEST! (Khaled voice) lol.
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Ain't gunna lie, that

Ain't gunna lie, that Chamillionaire tape was FIRE.. Can't wait for that nigga to come out wit another cd or mixtape...

Hes rapping about internet

Hes rapping about internet nerds and shit... Are you Deaf? Hes one of the cats that make up the WWF part of rap...fraud ass nigga tryin to be a pop star like 50 cent and ja rule.
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Dont usually do this

I never comment on here but im gonna have to get in on this one. Ok so 3 stacks beats any one from the northeast lyrically. So the south won that one. Than the mid west got common, and lupe defending the region so who does the North east got.
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preciate the sum up cuz a

preciate the sum up cuz a nigga is too lazy to read all that, but thats true partially. I think south music get more spins because of the trend not completely coming from the demand, but more so the message the southern rappers put out. Its not pro-black like the older east coast music and its kinda dumbing our people down with the trap crap.

life aint bout money

yall dudes on here claiming the south is the best are mostly ignorant to the truth...most of the rappers on the radio and who are making the most money are the people who are not saying anything of substance and thats y the corporations pump them on the radio and invest in they videos bcuz they know they can get ignorant people like yall to buy whateva these cookie cutter rapper are selling..see rappers used to report on what black issues or lower class issues was in the hood now they just push selling drugs and pimpin women its pathetic really, if your a rapper and talk about something important you wont make it in the game long, rap is a business but its also an artform and the artform half of it is dead now its just business as usual...meaning lead as many people as possible off the bridge of reality...rick ross is big now, how is this possible? the guy has absolutely no credibility, but to many of the ignorant people commenting here they think rick ross is the best...and thats disgusting



amazing mixtape

lloyd banks ripped track 10 Mo Brooklyn Mo Harlem Mo Southside Ft Vado Lloyd Banks P.L.K $
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Big K.R.I.T. chopped &

Big K.R.I.T. chopped & screwed:http://www.datpiff.com/Big-KRIT-Big-Krit-Return-Of-4eva-Chopped-And-Skrewed-mixtape.215964.html
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And another
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23-7 for reals though fuck

23-7 for reals though fuck you bustas hateing on the east. THE EAST COAST TO ME IS FROM MAINE TO FLORIDA PLUS EVERY REGION GOT SPITTAS BUT I MUST ADMIT THAT NIGGA WEEZY IS THE BEST BUT EVEN HE GIVES THE MOST PROPS TO EAST COAST LEGENDS. SCREW EAT A DICK SON.612 B.O.S.S. OVER EVERYTHING....................................................................................................................................... GOD RAP GOD PERSONA GOD SCRILLA GODBODY IN THE FLESH BITCH CALL ME GODZILLA!


thats the smallest i ever seen the comment box get cuza so many fuckin responses... east coast and southern rap is 2 different worlds. i used to hate on the south but i just aint into that shit. bottom line is east coast still got mad spittas and this fab tape is tight
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ima check it out

fab aint done a damn thang since like 03ish? this shit better be decent [I'd rather bang Screw!!]


Sorry yall maybe next time :(

Yeah,i hope they take out

Yeah,i hope they take out those Lakers they looked kinda weak against N.O. hopefully tha refs. don't start handing out "Kobe calls" like in years past.
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Portland you mean?

I thought they had moved to Atlanta for real lol.. i was like what the fuck is a ATLANTA BLAZER?


I didnt even noticed that? My stupid girl wrote that, just look at that gay azz smiley face she put at the end. Im bout to go smacker for making me look dumb and gay in this bitch HAHA!! ...On another note, Mavs doing THE DAMN THANG!! We got them punk azz Lakers SHOOK! 2-0 BITCH LETZ GET IT!!
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Who let these nerds sit at

Who let these nerds sit at the cool table!
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damn i ain't been on in a

damn i ain't been on in a minute but imma take errbody word for it on this one

Late entry... NICE TAPE

PS Yall niggas talk too fuckin much. Light one up!" soundclick.com/jameswhiteispitpimpin ...BIAATCH! "
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I've never been a fan of Fabolous, will this mixtape change that? ... Twitter ... @Hurliatus ...

Good Tape, check me out

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qmk7Dk22sEE&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHao2U-jU6M&feature=related Tell me what you guys think honestly