F.O.C. Presents Its A Done Deal Vol 1 (Hosted By DJ Diggz & DJ Rated R)

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01 Intro
02 It's A Done Deal
03 F.O.C. Where U At
04 Suicide Doors
05 The Bo$$
06 In Them Heels
07 J's On My Feet
08 Illusion (Mixtape Version)
09 Money Talk$
10 We Focu$ed
11 Dope Boy Fresh
12 Relax And Take Notes
13 Holl@ Ya Boy
14 You Oughta Know
15 Stack Mo
16 Higher Than The Priestess
17 Freak
18 Stuntin Is A Habit
19 F___ You

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1st one BITCHES!!

1st one BITCHES!!

never heard of these guys

never heard of these guys but im half way through the mixtape and i like what i hear so far.

this mixtape...

is raw as hell love this mix its fresh new talent fo realz track 14 my shit!