OG Ron C - Fuck Action Vol. 49

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01.R. Kelly Tpain T.I. - Im A Flirt
02.T Pain Yung Joc - Buy U A Drink
03.Robin Thicke - Lost Without U
04.Omarian Usher - Ice Box (Remix)
05.Mh - Circle
06.Tank - Please Dont Go
07.R.Kelly Usher - Same Girl
08.Sammy - Come with Me
09.Akon - Dont Matter
10.Corinne Bailey Rae - Like A Star
11.Eddie Cain - Sex in the City
12.Ms.Travoria - Probation
13.Lloyd - Get it Shawty
14.Ugk - Like that
15.Og Onr C - Gizzle Moment
16.Mr.Kaila - Its Alright

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I never understood why

I never understood why people are into this shit.. Sounds fucking retarded..
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It's called fuck action 4 a reason dude.

Well it makes me want to

Well it makes me want to sacrifice animals more then fuck.

Opinions are like assholes...

If you don't like it, then why comment on it?


Let me guess, you never comment on things that you dont like....yeah right!! Oh yeah, its that little thing we call "Freedom of Speech"...read up on it
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This is BANGIN

Everybody aint gotta like this but I'm tellin you in the South (I'm from Texas - San Antonio, Houston, Austin, Dallas), Chopped and Screwed is on FIRE. Hate if you like, I'm lovin this mix. I straight up appreciate it! It bangs for real!


Chopped & Screwed Iz Tha Shyt Mayne...U Don't Now Real MuziC Then Cuhzz

lame ass comments

i think it's stupid that some of you say that this shit is wack..and that you dont understand how people can listen to it..IT FUCKING SAYS "SCREWED AND CHOPPED" ON IT why the fuck do you download it then dumb fucks!? yeah you have freedom of speech..but you're the stupid ass for listening to something you dont even like idiot!

you got dumb f$ck headsthat

you got dumb f$ck headsthat dont know about texas music he on some real shot og ron c