Funkmaster Flex - The Best of 1995

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this was HANDS DOWN the best year in hip-hop, half of my favorite albums of all time came out in 1995, this is when hip-hop was hip-hop

Meh, I was only 10 then, I

Meh, I was only 10 then, I think that was the year I saw the "Get Money" video on The Box, I remember thinking Biggie looked so ridiculous in that bubble coat. My favorite year was '98 but era wise, 97-03 was the best imo.


Theres some good music in here but whoever mixed this shit didnt know wtf they were doing. Shit got annoying after awhile, plus all the DJ talkin just made it even worse. Bin.
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HIT OR MISS??? HIT!!!!!!!!!!!

Oldies but goodies!! Great hip hop.. 21:43 to 26:25 biggie, 33:00 to 38:00 Channel Live, crieg mack? 'n wutang, 42:00 to 45:46 Grand Puba, and 52:05 to 59:22 Naughty by Nature