Gangsta Boo - The Rumors (Hosted by DJ Drama)

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01 Gangsta Boo - The Rumors
02 Gangsta Boo - The Mask
03 Gangsta Boo Feat Bhav - Nothin 2 A Gangsta
04 Gangsta Boo Feat Gucci Mane - We Did That
05 Gangsta Boo Feat Shawnna - Booty Swtich
06 Gangsta Boo Feat Drum Squad - Posse Song
07 Gangsta Boo - Corner Store
08 Gangsta Boo - Silent Nite
09 Gangsta Boo - Fuck U Loozers
10 Gangsta Boo Feat Lachat - Bitch Don't Look @ Me
11 Gangsta Boo - Gold Digger
12 Gangsta Boo Feat Jbar - Call Me
13 Gangsta Boo Feat Raw Talent Crunchy Blac 8Ball & Mjg - M.E.M.P.H.I.S
14 Gangsta Boo Feat Kristyle - Blow It Out
15 Gangsta Boo - Laughen At Em
16 Gangsta Boo - Freestyle #1 (Mimms Beat)
17 Gangsta Boo - Necessary
18 Gangsta Boo - What Happend

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gandhi142's picture

godamnnn! money got gangsta

godamnnn! money got gangsta boo lookin good. "and thicker than a safeway hen" i fucks wit boo doe, she a real bitch.

Im gangsta bitch

Dj drama. My nigga you're the best dj. Boo my dick is red of you. But the beats are hot. Boo you like it in the ass? I know how fuck a bitch like you in the ass. Bitchhhhh!

lol thats how she wants it

lol thats how she wants it lol


this nigga rite here ^^
Yung Screw 817's picture

Boo lookin right!

Im glad to see GB back on her grind, is been a minute. Best bitch from triple 6. Betta than La Chat.
J Bird's picture


I wanna check this bitch out...IS SHE A 5 star bitch or what? I guess if Mr. Thanksgiving stands behind it...shit must not be bad?

Now that's what i'm talking about....

One of the best female rappers out there. I've been waiting for her to drop her music. Gangsta boo, lil kim, & lauryn hill, the best. These other chicks can't fade them, but should learn from them. "TAKE ONE FOR THE LADIES", COMPREHEND MY SWAGNESS.
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Before you comment on the Mixtape listen to it...I would give it a 6/10...the tracks are good and you can tell That this was a good well thought approach to getting the momentum back to getting back into the industry. But some of the track get annoying after awhile. But i can say that its better then i thought when i Downloaded it.... ~NYC Champion~ Music Ratin On a 10 Point Rating...... Looking for more Real Raters Holla If Interested Message me....
dninc's picture

Not classic Boo but...

Not Classic Boo but she definitely went harder than any of the other females i've heard in the past couple of years.. It's usually hard for dudes to bump female rap artist but kats recognize and respect GB, she's came to reclaim her thrown and when her album come out i think she will snatch that crown right off the head of whatever bitch that got it now
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----- New Orleans Nigga... I get SUPADOME!
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she is super thick!

growth & development... boo got some good pussy.....i been in the M town for a week now i gotta say PARTY PARTY good food smoking good pussy and more pussy!!
Milwaukee Bukk's picture

She G aiight

cuz as of last week, she got arrested 4 conspiracy 2 commit strong-arm robbery......ride or die bitch fa sho!

diz shit is raw

yo gangsta boo is back dis is how i remember boo back when she was wit triple six