Gorillaz - The Fall


1. (00:04:13) Gorillaz - Phoner To Arizona
2. (00:03:24) Gorillaz - Revolving Doors
3. (00:03:48) Gorillaz - Hillbilly Man
4. (00:02:01) Gorillaz - Detroit
5. (00:02:53) Gorillaz - Shytown
6. (00:03:08) Gorillaz - Little Plastic Bags
7. (00:03:20) Gorillaz - The Joplin Spider
8. (00:02:24) Gorillaz - The Parish Of Space Dust
9. (00:02:09) Gorillaz - The Snake In Dallas
10. (00:03:22) Gorillaz - Amarillo
11. (00:02:13) Gorillaz - The Speak It Mountains
12. (00:02:48) Gorillaz - Aspen Forest
13. (00:03:15) Gorillaz - Bobby In Phoenix
14. (00:03:22) Gorillaz - California & The Slipping Of The Sun
15. (00:00:37) Gorillaz - Seattle Yodel

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Gorillaz Make mixtapes?

Gorillaz Make mixtapes?
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awwwwww snap someting

awwwwww snap someting diffrent for a change. dis should be alright.

This isn't a mixtape, it was

This isn't a mixtape, it was released as a free album for people in the gorillaz fanclub, but I'm glad we're getting it too
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WTF iz thkis?

EASTSIDE OF THkA 110 WE BUSTA KILLAZ........(i cant stand bitch ass nigga)
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Yo, what the fuck?

Isnt this a rock group? I dont know what to think. But its kool the website is expanding out and trying to bring in more people, i guess.
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It's a hip hop group. -R.I.P. Don Kartel-

Gorillaz go hard as hell n

Gorillaz go hard as hell n nobody sounds like them. Can't believe they made this site, or should i say he since Gorillaz is only a one man band. pretty good chillin smokin music
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Gorillaz not a one man band they are a virtual band of animated characters been listening to there shit for a min. Alot of you wont like this, cant really pigeon hole Gorillaz sound but me personally like there shit! Glad to see alot of you have a broad horizon thought you lot would slate this tape. FIX UP LOOK SHARP!
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Not a rock band ya'll

It's alternative Hip Hop, out of the ordinary type of shit, they make a lot of catchy shit and a lot of their music can be considered smoke jont since it can get real out there and laid back.
Honestly surprised they mixtape is on this site..
Expand ya music catalog and check it out.
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more hip hop than many

Remembering,the 1st Gorillaz album was product by Dan the Automator with many featuring with De la, Del,.... Hip Hop doesn't mean "rap",it's a way of life. Gorillaz is like an electro hip hop band "There's a war going on outside"
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The tape is pretty good it

The tape is pretty good it has a get high feel to it I really felt Amarillo


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An you came to that conclusion how? FIX UP LOOK SHARP!
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white man can't listen hip hop ,screw??

I don't understand why you said that kind of thing; is it because Gorillaz is a "white band"?? It doesn't matter if we are black or white ; We are hip hop, all together. Perhaps i'm wrong and i don't understand your post ?(scuz my french speacking) "There's a war going on outside"
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Why be mad at White folks? i

Why be mad at White folks? i ain't mad at em for listening to Rap music and creating their own Genre's, if it weren't for them the Hip Hop industry would still be just underground and nigga's still slanggin while rappin, i mean we had better rap music that way but nigga's was BROKE!.. Nigga's shole wasn't supportin otha nigga'z shit, we bumped it, went to the concerts and shit but they Albums hardly sold and they never got marketed until white folks started picking it up and gettin into Hip Hop.. They the one's open they wallets up at Bestbuy, Walmart, FYE etc.. Lets thank them for making these brotha's rich and finally recognizing Hop Hop as a real music genre.
Anyway i like different shit, shit's good.. expand ya'll minds and lets be "PEOPLE" and not "COLORS".
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Well Said

I wasnt going to download this shit, read this, downloaded it and though it wont make the rounds, it still surprised me. Not a bad tape, just one those "gotta be in the mood" ish. I with you though, why get mad at the money men, its because of them we know them, If you catch my drift.
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Fact Is

These dudes, have huge cred You can't walk with the Gods if you haven't crawled with the humans
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yeah i fucks with guerillaz

yeah i fucks with guerillaz hard since they first came out and there drummer is black and another dude on there black. This is Rock rap and they the best at it i co sign this shit they should do it more. SERIOUSLY THESE NIGGAS IS GOOD AT WHAT THEY DO..................................................................................................... GOD RAP GOD PERSONA GOD SCRILLA GODBODY IN THE FLESH BITCH CALL ME GODZILLA!