Evil Empire, PSC & DJ Drama - Down With The King

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01. DJ Drama - Down With The King Intro 00:24
02. T.I. - Tell 'Em I Said It 04:17
03. Big Kuntry ft. Slick Pulla & Young Dro - Porsche It Out 03:36
04. T.I. - You The Best (Unreleased) 03:58
05. Big Kuntry ft. T.I. & Young Joc - Yeah(Remix) 03:39
06. T.I. ft. Jay - Z-Watch What You Saying 04:16
07. B.G. ft. Young Jeezy - Hustle 03:14
08. T.I. - You Know What It Is 04:33
09. DJ Drama ft. Trey Songz & B.G. - Long Gone 03:40
10. T.I. - Don't Bother Me 03:56
11. Big Kuntry - I'm Rich (Unreleased) 04:23
12. Mike Jones ft. Young Dro - What I Do 02:38
13. T.I. - We Do This 03:13
14. T.I. - Good life 04:18
15. Big Kuntry ft. T.I. - That's Right 03:23
16. T.I. ft. Young Jeezy - Dopeman 04:49
17. Big Kuntry ft. Slick Pulla & Young Dro - Killin' Em 02:23
18. Fabo ft. Young Dro - How Ya Do That 02:53
19. T.I. ft. Sleepy Brown - Pimpin'(Unreleased) 04:05
20. DJ Drama ft. T.I., Big Kuntry, & Young Jeezy - Freeze Up 04:20
21. Young Dro - True story 03:30
22. Young Dro - Pop Lock & Drop 01:06

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Down with the King...

...dis was da name of da same mixtape dat he got Lil Flip on. I think i counted like 5 new tracks on hea dat i aint heard yet, so if u stay up on TIP den dont even worry bout downloadin. I'M WAITIN FO A GUCCI MANE RESPONSE!

GUCCI MANE DONE got t.i in check lol

Yo did u hear dat diss record by gucci mane deer MEAT LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO dang the way gucci mane be rappin idk if t.i can get 2 him lol
layzboybc's picture

hahahha u dont think ti

hahahha u dont think ti could get 2 gucci mane ur out of ur mind gucci's biggest hit is im so icey hes an absolute joke. 2 b honest i dont think ti is even gonna respond cause gucci is such a non issue 4 a rap superstar like TI

Thats rediculous

Gucci has had like 1 hot song and now has a nice line about some deer meat. Thats it. T.I. has a deal, a record label, and countless critical acclaim.

U a fag Mjr1007.. u dont

U a fag Mjr1007.. u dont know gucci pretty well He is one of da best rapper.. he had much more than 1 hit Do i smell pussy, NOO thats Jeezy! - Gucci Mane

How many hits does cuz got

A Gucci mane really did have only one hit record bro. Jeezy straight ended this man career. If you were compare whos got more hits im pretty damn sure it aint gucci. better yet who shit sellin of shelfs. What kind of nigga name his self after bag- Jeezy


hits he only got one(icey)but gucci got sum underground hits dat bang "On the rise to the top,many drop, don't forget In order to survive,gotta learn to live with regrets"
layzboybc's picture

there is no such thing as a

there is no such thing as a underground hit think about it there are songs you and your boys listen 2 alot but dont get play on the radio but those aint considered hits like songs off the drought 3 they banged in every hood HEAVY but they arent hits
ktowns finest's picture

so icey.....

I have to admit, after I heard that so icey joint....I couldnt fuck with gucci ever again. lmao!!!! that was the corniest shit ever. I mean, when that video dropped on 106 and park....I about fuckin lost my lunch lol. It took me a while to even fuck wit Jeezy again. And Mr. Icey is now dissin T.I.....the fuck? Anyway, should I give lil buddy another chance? Maybe I wrote Gucci cucci off too soon...Yall tell me.

wats wrong wit cha

all dat shit t.i. be sayin he dont live it anymore he neva be in da streets anymore gucci is a reall hood nigga he still be in da streets wat he talk about he live it he done murdered a nigga sold roks assualted somebody and he still dont giv a fuck niggas in da suburbs dont be bumbin gucci dey bumbin t.i. he make commercial hitz gucci make hood hitz i aint taken notin from t.i. but he aint fuckin wit gucci jus listen to da diss he killed dat nigga


You right T.I. dont be on the streets T.I.P. be on the streets. that just some food for thoughts. And Gucci apologize for going at T.I. www.defsounds.com/news/view/2025-gucci-mane-apologizes-to-t-i-for-diss-record-audio.html J-MO THE GREAT
kdude87's picture

ur all stupid

just because ur in the streets doesnt mean ur a beast emcee u dumbasses...if u make a lot of money then shit, would u stay in the hood?...dumbfucks
ktowns finest's picture

ok ok.....

Ima check Gucci out and see what this man is talkin bout...But if the rest of his shit is as wack as what ive heard so far...ima have to call sme of yall out. I dont care who homie shot or assaulted......so icey? lmao fuck outa here....naw ima check him out and reserve judgement...im jus sayin u dont come at the king (and t.i. has been endorsed by everyone from pimpc to jay z) we talkin real legends...cant come at the king with so icy bein ur only hit..and how can u call a man pussy when u dont even know the dude..aint no body in atlanta talkin no shit bout t.i.p. bein pussy...but since gucci such a trapstar then he must be a good emcee too..lol. we'll see