Jim Jones Releasing "Harlem's American Gangsta" Mixtape on November 6th

In direct response to Jay-Z's upcoming American Gangster concept album, Jim Jones is releasing the Dame Dash hosted Harlem's American Gangster mixtape on November 6th (coincidently a day before Cam's Public Enemy #1 mixtape is scheduled to drop).

Download Jim & Cam's new mixtapes first @ MixtapeTorrent.com, check back soon.

Check Missinfo.tv & SOHH.com for the full story.


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Far from original

Shit I have seen a black cover Jay-Z American Gangster mixtape, a white cover Jay-Z American Gangster mixtape, a Tupac American Gangster mixtape, and a Lil Wayne American Gangster mixtape. Wow I bet Jigga is going to be furious when Jim Jones American Gangster mixtape drops...wow what originality.
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who cares

is hip hop really this bad right now.....jim jones? thats a headline?....you guys have to be shitting me, hes one of the worst rappers ive ever heard and hes getting this much attention....wow

yea ur right... u shouldn't

yea ur right... u shouldn't expect to be getting any attention when ur last album sold about 7.5 thousand copies and ur unit is all over the mixtape game... "all u need is a hook n a beat, no talent" Tha Ghost

dipset is extremely popular

dipset is extremely popular in the mixtape circuit, theres no denying that
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thats the truth the whole

thats the truth the whole crew is heavy in the mixtape game
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Not in L.A.

I have read alot of comments in forums on Cam, Jimmy, Juelz, Rell, J.R., The Senate, Byrd Gang etc. A lot of comments have or end in "Run N.Y." or "Fuck G-Unit, it's Dip" or "Fuck D-Block, no homo". Yeah Dipset is popular in N.Y. but not L.A.

well dipset fucks with game,

well dipset fucks with game, who is like the only person that i know from cali that is still in the rap game. so who do u guys listen to on ur block (across the country) "all u need is a hook n a beat, no talent" Tha Ghost
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Well you know how N.Y. has like a million and one underground rappers(40% of who are good) and rep their hood. Well so does Cali, here you go no particular order. Bad Lucc Topic Bishop Lamont Eastwood Crooked I Hot Dolla Techniec Dynamic Certified Mitchy Slick Strong Arm Steady DJ Muggs Phyco Realm Omar Cruz G. Malone Taje Juice Kam Ya Boy Jay Rock K-Dot Coolie High Mr. Don't Know Roccett J Wells Y.A. Anterazh Lil Rob (Mexicans who are the majority now bump a lot of Mexican rap...and A-LOT of Chalino Sanchez) You know the West Coast big dawgs,you'll hear alot of Wu, Meth, Papoose, Paul Wall, Scarface, but not alot of Dip.


u dont like jim jones cause ur a hater. U jus salty that nigga got his papper stackin not to mention him and the whole dipset family ballin! so befor i finish let me say haters every were we go haters every go haters goin down in tha grond

Jimmy is okay

Jimmy is okay but he needs to let this one go. Jay-Z American Gangsta is going to be a beast so if Jimmy flocks on this one there goes his carrer it better be hot for his sake.

Jim Jones Haters................

Everyone who dont fuck wit Jim Jones is trash anyway.... They is the hottest thing out there. Plus the rest of the dips. His music is crack and all ya'll dudes is HATIN on him so stoppppppppppp.. They the movement and they movin ...you heard me