Hevehitta And DJ Unexpected - House Of Traps

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01. Hevehitta And DJ Unexpected - Trappers Keeper (Scratch Intro)
02. Yo Gotti - Men Lie, Women Lie (Feat. Lil Wayne)
03. Gucci Mane - Dope Man (Hook And Eye Remix) (Feat. Yo Gotti)
04. Lil Boosie - Miss Me (Feat. Young Jeezy)
05. Young Jeezy - Money To Blow (Remix) (Feat. Lil Wayne, Drake, And Baby)
06. Yo Gotti - Feeling Myself
07. Gucci Mane - Foreign
08. Lil Boosie - Pockets Are Swole (Hook And Eye Remix) (Feat. Yo Gotti)
09. Young Jeezy - Scared Money (Feat. Lil Wayne)
10. Yo Gotti - 28 Bars
11. Gucci Mane - 2 Seater (Feat. Trae Tha Truth)
12. Lil Boosie - Better Believe It (Remix) (Feat. Yo Gotti, Bun B, Trae Tha Truth, And Foxx)
13. Young Jeezy - Dope Boy Knot (Hook And Eye Remix) (Feat. Gucci Mane And Shawty Lo)
14. Yo Gotti - Transformer Freestyle (Feat. Don Tri)
15. Gucci Mane - Cuffin (Feat. Camron)
16. Lil Boosie - I Wonder (Unreleased)
17. Young Jeezy - Worlds Biggest Snowman (DJ Unexpected Remix)
18. Yo Gotti - Ill Ride, Ill Die (Feat. Yung LA, J. Futuristic, And All Star)
19. Gucci Mane - Mi Casa, Su Casa (Feat. Shawty Lo, Yo Gotti, Waka Flocka Flame, And Nicki Minaj)
20. Lil Boosie - Nigga Owe Me Some Money (Feat. B.G., Soulja Slim, Plies, Young Buck, And C-Murder)
21. Young Jeezy - I Wanna Rock Freestyle


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yo gotti in trouble

Gotti's tour bus got pulled over by texas border control and they found weed and cocaine on the bus...what's up with yall rappers
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When did that shit happen? I

When did that shit happen? I saw Gotti in the North a couple weeks ago and this motherfucker was driving this white porsche, I dont even know what it was, it was like a car but bigger but it wasnt quite a SUV, shit had a rollcage in it and all that shit. When he says Im in some shit you never seen before he aint bullshitin!
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its on worldstarhiphop.com search yo gotti