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Hevehitta & DJ Unexpected - Deadly Duo (Nas & Jay-Z)

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Hevehitta and DJ Unexpected are back once again focusing on the Deadly Duo of
Nas and Jay Z. This mixtape features demo tracks, unreleased songs and break
beats from the two. DJ Unexpected gets his Look What I Found on for the break
beat section, and gives you the break beats / samples that were used for both
Illmatic and Reasonable Doubt.

Hevehitta & DJ Unexpected Present Wu-Tang Clan - Executioners From Shaolin

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Executioners From Shaolin is part 4 in our Motion Picture Mixtape series, (the 1st 3 being Director’s Cut, Raw & Uncut: The Willie Bryant Story and 50 Cent-The Undertaker) and it’s bound to be another classic for the collection. Dissecting the styles and personas of the infamous Wu-Tang Clan, their story is told as only we can. Featuring rare demos, classics, remixes, and the famous kung-fu dialog and music we’ve all come to know and love, rest assure no stone is left unturned. You know when Diggers Union does a cd, it’s done right! This mixtape is presented by Hevehitta and directed by DJ Unexpected. Enjoy and Be Educated! Rest In Peace, ODB!

DJ Unexpected - Look What I Found Vol 3

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DJ Unexpected Presents - Under The Influence (Big Daddy Kane Vs. Jay Z)

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This is a re-issue of DJ Unexpected's very first mixtape; Under The Influence (Big Daddy Kane Vs. Jay Z). This is not a "beef" CD, but rather a story telling adventure between Big Daddy Kane and Jay Z. The majority of the CD is remixed by DJ Unexpected, plus you get rare unreleased material from both Brooklyn emcees.

DJ Unexpected & Calamity Sound - Every Shade Has A Story: Jamaica

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Last week I released Unexpected's second reggae installment - The Sound of Victory. This week I release the
first installment of the series. This is called "Every Shade Has A Story: Jamaica". The is a complete reggae
blend CD featuring artists such as - Sizzla, Bounty Killer, Elephant Man, Beenie Man and T.O.K. I hope you enjoy
this CD.

DJ Unexpected & DJ Supreme - The Willie Bryant Story (Motion Picture Mixtape Vol. 2)

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This was the second released CD in the "Motion Picture Mixtape" series
(Released in November 2006). Brought to you by DJ Unexpected and
DJ Supreme, this audio exprience tells the story of a street hustler
named "Willie Bryant". The CD chronicles his story from the beginning.
His rise to stardom, to the destruction of his life. Definitely a
classic story tell brought to you in mixtape form.

The third mixtape in the "Motion Picture Mixtape" series is dropping
next month..... Hevehitta Presents - 50 Cent: The Undertaker (Directed
by DJ Unexpected). Bringing you the story of Curtis Jackson and his
darkest days, including the unfortunate souls (rappers) who have crossed
him, only to meet their demise. I will have an Audio Trailer for this
CD on Wednesday.

Mick Boogie & DJ Unexpected - Directors Cut (Motion Picture Mixtape Vol. 1)

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This CD was released back in November of 2005, but did not get the credit
it was due. This was the first "Motion Picture Mixtape" that DJ Unexpected
created (alongside Mick Boogie). I'm re-releasing this CD now to give the
people an experience they won't forget. Picture a movie, but audio wise.
Great listening experience.

MIXTAPE DESCRIPTION: "Mick Boogie and DJ Unexpected collaborate on this
creative project featuring remixes galore and hosted by Shady/Aftermath
artist Stat Quo. This Motion Picture Mixtape contains nothing but remixes,
mash-ups, blends, and exclusives that are sure to please the blend/remix
crowd as well as the streets. Hardcore artists like Jadakiss, Beanie Sigel,
Ghostface, Nas, Biggie, Big Pun, and Big L are mixed to perfection over a
perfect selection of grimey instrumentals. Mick & DJ Unexpected together
create an experience that isnt to be missed."

DJ Unexpected - The Sound Of Victory

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Calamity Sound & DJ Unexpected Present The Sound Of Victory, the 2nd entry in
their Reggae series, after the highly acclaimed and nominated "Every Shade Has A
Story: Jamaica". Featuring Exclusive Remixes by DJ Unexpected and Dubplates
from some of Reggae's hottest artists, 38 tracks constitute another classic from
the Champion Sound! Listen and learn how to entertain and educate...

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