Hevehitta, DJ Unexpected & Talib Kweli - A Tree Grows In Brooklyn

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1. Tilling The Soil Intro
2. Back Again
3. Talib Speaks On His Beginnings (Interlude)
4. Thin Line (Demo)
5. The Manifesto
6. Definition Feat. Mos Def
7. Move Somethin' (DJ Unexpected Remix)
8. Respiration (Live) Feat. Mos Def
9. Outside The Lounge Freestyle
10. Get By (DJ Unexpected Remix)
11. Good Mourning (DJ Unexpected Remix)
12. Biggie Speaks On Brooklyn (Interlude)
13. The Blast (Reflection Eternal)
14. Getting My Grown Man On Feat. Little Brother (Unreleased)
15. Put Ya Stamp On It Feat. Akrobatik (Hook & Eye Remix)
16. Get 'Em High Feat. Kanye West & Common (DJ Unexpected Remix)
17. Good To You
18. Guerilla Monsoon Rap Feat. Kanye West, Black Thought & Pharoahe Monch
19. Talib Speaks On J. Dilla (Interlude)
20. History Feat. Mos Def
21. Never Been In Love Before (DJ Unexpected Remix)
22. Roll Off Me
23. Talib Speaks On His Biggest Misconception (Interlude)
24. Listen (DJ Unexpected Remix)
25. Shade 45 Freestyle
26. Take It Back Feat. Marsha Ambrosius (Unreleased)
27. Supreme Supreme Feat. Mos Def
28. Where It Started (Verse Only)
29. Just Begun (Verse Only)
30. The Tree Of Knowledge Outro

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its mixtapes like this wen i

its mixtapes like this wen i wish this site had a preview player--ive got all the songs but not the remixes and they mite/probably arent worth the download
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preview player would be

preview player would be nice. thats when i try to find it on datpiff, simply to listen then come back...


Yo bro, you could go to datpiff.com to listin to it first... Thats what I did, and do for most the tapes they got on this site ... p.s. this tape is pretty good in my opinion, download if your a TK fan
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yea i no about datpiff i

yea i no about datpiff i figured this wouldn't be on there tho-thanks anyway tho
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freddie gibbs

gibbs got a leak out fire!!!...check out... http://www.zshare.net/audio/73602204885b762c/ -WHO SAYS HIP HOP IS DEAD-
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just picked that song up

just picked that song up last nite but i havnt given a listen yet--im not a fan of PLK or Joell Ortiz and thats all i associate that song with so im in no rush to hear the remix
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tape to download so far today,hope to see somethin later.back to my bole.......
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Talib is dope

i downloaded its aight but what i really want is that 24 hour karate school (march 30) hip hop is revived lol a lot of good work is coming out of dam dash's dojo
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No kidding specie thats my

No kidding specie thats my most anticipated cd of the year so far--o wait maybe currensy, or murs, or slum village, or reflection eternal or kanye, or lupe--WTF 2010 is gonna be crazy
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Well Talib Kweli is on it

Talib Kweli is on it so it's pretty much an automatic download anyway, tape has a few good tracks on it, not very consistent, 7.5/10, hard to pass on a tape with a real lyricist.
      [- Avoid the ignorance -]
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One of my favorite emcees but being that I'm a true fan I have heard this whole thing already. Waiting for that new Reflection Eternal CD! ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...
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Real Wisdom

Man this is Kweli, nothing else needs to be said. "I'm trying to see if there is a controller plugged up to me, they trying to play me" {PHUCKERALL KNIGHT}

Talib . . . . Kweli. Nuff

Talib . . . . Kweli. Nuff Said. Only thing better is Talib Kweli featuring Mos Def