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To get started follow these few easy steps to download mixtapes:

1. Download and install uTorrent or Vuze (Both free)

2. Browse or search for the Mixtapes you want to download

3. Right click the torrent (under the word ‘attachment’) on the Mixtapes you want and click ‘Save As’, then click ‘Save’

4. Open the torrent file with the program you installed in step 1 and you're done!


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thank u i tried Bit Comet

thank u i tried Bit Comet !! ShYne

Why do I get Connection

Why do I get Connection Error (No data received form tracker) Im uzing Azureus for a long time nothing wrong with other trackers, do you guys use another port or something?
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i don't understand nothing it happen when i want to download the torrent with bitcomet or azereus !!! Anyone can help me... THANKS !!!!! ShYne


go to help then about azureus and follow where you at that you speak french dawg

The Wonders of BitComet...

I was having a huge problem downloading any mixtape stuff for a while. I tried BitComet and it works fine. My problem was that I couldn't download anything with a "VA" in the title. Not sure why. (i.e., "VA - P-Cutta - Street Wars vol. 999" I've been using (and still am) BitLord. It appears reliable and decently fast, but BitComet just blows that shit out of the water. Great tip.

ah yo

imm having th same problem with azureus yo help a nigga out....make matters worse dawg in new to this wohle thing so hokk a nigga up

Azureus - Connection error

Is there some special option you need to choose in the preferences? I've used torrents for several years. But ever since this site's torrents switched to udp torrents it doesn't work for me. For those who do have no prob d/l maybe you could tell us any settings you have changed from default.

fica dificil pra entender

mas vai la, valew pelos sons mas tem alguns que não consigo pegar por que? mas valew

Not Downloading

I am using Azureus and when I try and download anything it just stays on downloading 0 percent. Can anyone help.

I got the same problem

I got the same problem

Where's The Music ???

I've downloaded a torrent but how do I hear It ??

hearing the music

to listen to the torrent, you right click it and click open file. it should have all the songs on your the one you want to play.

I tried it with another

I tried it with another programm, but it doesn't work too

azarues problem

when i try to DL any torrent it says Connection Error: Invalid Reply in the tracker Status bar of my client. Anyone know whats going on?

i'm new and i'm on a mac

wen i try to DL a torrent it says "Error: bad data from tracker - not a valid bencoded string" wat am i doing wrong? i am using bitTorrent osx b/c azarues didnt work right

i'm gunna try my pc

i'm gunna try to use my pc but i need to know if/how i can transfer the files to this mac b/c it has the burner and i manage all my music from here


both have something called peerid which allows you to be more open to attacks to put it briefly. anyways, dont use those protocal. uTorrent is best. either theres a problem w/ the tracker or theres somthing fishy w/ the sites setup php/SQL. will let these go and see what happens in 24 hours. could also be a waiting time. if they take up after x amount of time thats probably it. just waiting time

Just to let you all know I

Just to let you all know I tried using BitLord on this site and it didn't work for me. I tried changing some settings but still no go. I just d/l Azureus and it's working with that so....d/l Azureus if you want to use this site. Props to whoever runs this site, it's my main source.

Read what the Tracker Status

Read what the Tracker Status says
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I use bitcomet

it says "Error: Tracker Response Error:Sorry, minimum announce interval = 60 sec. in Tracker:"

any admins who can help with this prob?

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Not Downloading

You need to have seeders in order for you to download the file . . . . The torrent that you might be tryingto download might not have any . . . . check the seeder status on you download client . . . . This should let you know how many people are sharing this file good luck . . .

Problems with downloading ~ mp3.bc!

i am still new to this, but sometimes when I open a torrent i cant download the file because the mp3 is coded as "mp3.bc!" What can I do to get the real mp3 file? HELP i really want to get this gangsta grillz!

im lost

i have azures it opens up the file i want but it dosnt download i get a red face everything goes through but nothing downloads

I think mine does that too

Do u have to download a torrent like Azures to download the mixtapes because everytime i try to just download it and save it to play in Wo=indows or Realplayer,it wont...somethin about i dont have the extension or some crap plz help me.

how the fuck do u dl this

how the fuck do u dl this mixtape

Files wont play

I downloaded my mixtapes with no problem, but when I go to play them I get nothing but a error message. Anybody know whats up?

How to do it...

Maybe I'm just dumb... Well sure I am... But I don't understand how to download from this site. I click on an album I want to download and then what? I don't see anything which says download or a place to save file as... Help PleasE!!!!!!! Goto the 'Mixtape Torrents' category and download the torrents for the mixtapes you want.



Where Iz It

I didn't see an attachment file for this Pimp C mixtape and I really needed it. Any Help

I dont seem to be able to download

I tried azures bitcoment and bittorrent it constantly tells me 0.0% and status is connecting for hours...Can some one please help me

very slow download rate

I have been using Bit Torrent for two days now, what I noticed is that the downloading is very slow with only 1Kpbs even as there were may seeders/leechers available on-line. The estimated time to finish download sometime shows 300 plus days or even longer. Can somebody help me how to fix the problem? I am using DSL connection averaging 384kbps.




I was always able to download the torrents, but recently it has been saying Error:Tracker Response Decoding Failed....what do i do?

dame i can not download

dame i can not download
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BAd bencoded data

hey just found out about this site luv it but cant get the torrents to work i use bit tornado i get the error messg of bad data from tracker- band bencoded data plz need some help thx

use azureus

use azureus

This error

This Connection error seems to be a little to common for it to be all of our computers i've never had a problem d/ling a torrent except when they're coming from this website but why is that how are you guys getting past these connection errors?


cool site

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i use Bitlord. PERFECT

use bitlord works great for me

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Bitlord: Tracker Response Error

I'm using Bitloard for quite a while now butta I get a tracker response error when downloading a torrent. The error says "Sorry, minimun announce interval = 60sec."?! What can I do to prevent this? Appreciate all help.

Grazie molto.


Ok for some reason i get a WIRED msg

Tracker sending invalid data:
Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/admin/domains/


Failure: Sorry, minimum announce interval = 60 sec.

WTH been using Torrents for a while

Is anyone having the same problems

Not only is it taking a day to download a tape, but when I finally get it im only getting half of it. It may only burn every other, other song. And that really sucks for as long as i wait for it.

What yall know bout that!

These Face's?

Hey, could someone tell me what the blue,green,and red faces mean?

green means everything is

green means everything is good, red means you arent connected to anyone, blue means you are connected to some peers but the tracker is down

check here:

What's Happening...

the torrents just don't seem to be downloading...


People who made this site is n4b.

Utorrent for windows downloads mixtape normally.
Transmission for linux/mac doesn't downloads anything.

Spend 2 minutes to fix this, admin!

nothing to fix, use azureus

nothing to fix, use azureus

i cant download anything

im new to all of this but i saved the attachment to my desktop but when i opened it in Azureus it said downloading for a whole hour and never changed from 0% i will take all the help i can get.

i had neva had a prroblems

i had neva had a prroblems wit download the torrentaz from thiz stite but the last 2-3 weeks i have been having the same problem everyone else has its SAY DOWNLOADING BUT ITZ NOT DOWNLOADING i think there something wrong with the tracker