What's good Members & Guests?

This announcement is to let everyone know what's going on at As many of you already know downloads were disabled 6 days ago on the 18th. This was done because the torrent tracker that hosted the mixtapes shut down.

So what we've done is created our own tracker that will now host the mixtapes. This way no outside influences can affect our mixtape network, we'll have complete control over the tracker so sharing of mixtapes won't be interrupted again. This also allows members to upload their own mixtapes! This will greatly increase the diversity of our mixtape selection.

All of this has led to some changes at, here they are in detail:

a) There is now 2 mixtape categories, the Mixtape Directory & Mixtape Torrents . The Mixtape Directory category is a resource for Mixtape cover art, track lists & mixtape descriptions. The Mixtape Torrents category will list the mixtapes that you can download with your BitTorrent client.

b) All DVDs & Music Videos have been removed. The main reason this was done is because we will no longer allow commercial DVDs (such as "Beef", or any DVD that is available for purchase at a retailer). This is to protect us. We're in this for the long run and don't want to risk being shutdown. So for now on the only DVDs allowed at will be Bonus DVDs (such as those that come with CDs) or any DVD that isn't commercially available. Music videos are STILL allowed, but we will be starting over in that category.

c) Now on to the new mixtape torrent tracker...the URL is . I've created an uploading guide to show everyone not familiar with creating torrents how to share their mixtapes. It's a step-by-step guide with screenshots to make it super easy, located here: How To UPLOAD

I urge all of our members and guests who are able to share mixtapes to help us break in the new tracker, let's get that place poppin'!

So that's's going to take some time to rebuild and get back to where we were a few weeks ago but once we do we'll have more mixtapes than we've ever had :)



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yo man on mixfiend how do u become an uploader. i can't find this form thing aywhere

Click 'upload torrent' and

Click 'upload torrent' and it'll give you a link to the form:
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Please!!! people, where do I find the torrent links??? I can't find them anywhere & when I search i find NONE! None of them is available. Please HELP!!!

There's over 600 tapes

There's over 600 tapes available at MixFiend, how could you not find them? When you go there they're staring you right in the face To download here goto the Mixtape Torrents category.
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what tape u looking for.

what tape u looking for.

Tapes needed

Can enyone upload 40. Cal - Trigger Happy if any of yall got it? thares also a few other but eh, props
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go to mixfiend

there is some 40. cal on mixfiend. write it in on the search.

where is the torrent..

i registered but i see no place to download the torrent!! ne help!
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dumb man

just click on the mixtape torrent links. and all of them u can download. click attachment on them. then u see the file name and size click it and save. how hard is that. come on man.

how to download

i dont understand how to download off of this site. Where is the torrent for talib cinfidential. Thanks