Guide: How To Download is the only 100% free source of Mixtape downloads that requires no registration and features:

-Unlimited Downloads

-Unlimited Download Speed

-Unlimited Simultaneous Downloads

-Windows, Mac, Linux, Android & iOS compatible

To get started follow these few easy steps to download mixtapes:

1. Download and install uTorrent or Vuze (Both free)

2. Browse or search for the Mixtapes you want to download

3. Right click the torrent (under the word ‘attachment’) on the Mixtapes you want and click ‘Save As’, then click ‘Save’

4. Open the torrent file with the program you installed in step 1 and you're done!


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O.K. I can dload the dvds but when i go 2 play them nothing comes up except tha sound ne1 know what i can do?

This shitz confusin' me..

aight im usually pretty good with all this torrent shit, but my circumstances are a little weird: - my school has a nasty torrent-blocking scheme set up but my people figured a way around this: we use a program called tor, by way of vidalia, in conjunction with another program called privoxy to download the torrent file itself. after i do this, i turn privoxy off and i can see seeds and peers and shit but i cannot seem to connect to any of them! what the hell is happening?

The torrents on this site

The torrents on this site are tracked through mixfiend.. if you're having problems downloading and get connection errors, register with cant really expect everyone to notice is the tracker for the torrents on this site, but yea.. simple fix
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how do u put torrents on Zune

i've tried but i just cant do it

Tha Solution to torrent problems

YOU, YOUR THA SOLUTION. When the download completes you will see the torrent move to the lower section in Azureus. This means you are seeding. Seeding means you are sharing the download with others. It is VERY IMPORTANT to seed, this is how the torrent community thrives, be sure to keep those downloads open! KEEP SEEDING THA MORE PEOPLE SEEDING THA FASTER AND EASIER IT IS TO DOWNLOAD WHAT YOU WANT. IT DOESN'T SLOW YOUR COMPUTER DOWN. YOUR GREED'S IGNORANCE YOU WON'T PROSPER FROM! BE 4 THA TEAM N THE TEAM'LL BE 4 YOU. YOU WANT IT, GIVE IT. [STRAIGHT LIKE THAT]


i can never get any seeders for the torrent

check here

for more help: make sure you are using azureus

anyone no if u can download

anyone no if u can download them thru bearshare?

Problems with Azureus?

Azureus (Vuse) is a great torrent management application. It provides many features and is very powerful. Azureus uses the java runtime environment to extend it's user base beyond just Windows users. However, Azureus can be a pain to setup for some and can even seem confusing. Azureus also takes up a nice chunk of memory which can cause a computer to run slower than normal. If you are having too much trouble with Azureus or just want a more efficient torrent program then I highly suggest using uTorrent. uTorrent is the most popular torrent client software and offers plenty of customization options. The initial setup is much easier for uTorrent than Azureus in my opinion and I think more people will have less problems when using uTorrent.



How do get it to download

How do get it to download on my macbook
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How do i put my c.d online?

The best that's ever did it!!!!!!!!!!!


how i can upload sum shit? need help plzzz...


Fuck azures, utorrent is the easiest and simplest way to donload torrent. There is nothing to isntall just download and open. Its also fast and dosnt slow your computer down. it is easy to understand and setup. To download utorrent go on and click open.

the tracker?

anyone knows the tracker of if i change the dir of my download file, with the tracker, i can be a seedes again!

Wtf how I get this to my ipod without having to add songs 1 by 1


Man somebody help me with

Man somebody help me with this shit!! I downloaded the bittorrent app but when i go into it to find the torrent its not there. I t says this file is not a torrent....what do I do??


hello i'm new on vuze and whenever i'm downloading any mixtape, it shows a little red emoticon which is actually sad and when i put my pointer on it it says it's not connected to any peers while downloading; but when i go to my document the file is already there and i cannot play it. Please anyone who knows how to do this i beg u i need your assistance to download those mixtape

try utorrent

try utorrent


i have a mac, am i wasting my time on this site?

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How to Upload?

How do I upload [I Put Music on this site]

does this azeris work with

does this azeris work with macs?




how do i download??

Very helphul guide,thank

Very helphul guide,thank you!!poker odds calculator

how kan i upload my last mixtape???

PRINSE DA FLYGUY i released a mixtape and its making hella noise in my sity baltimore md. i would like 2 upload on here how kan i do it???

Cannot find attachments

Ive been downloading from here for a long time and I went to go download some old gucci and the attachment files to download are not there.. whats up with this
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I Can tell there is alot of noobes and bad mouthing LOL tell you the truth dont really like torrents not good for your personal info opens alot off ports and info but thats why u got to no what you are doing.all so work one geting scean in stead of riping them from the disc i wouldnt alow them to upload that bull i got plenty of scean so maybe ill upload depends how i feel about this site and check it out for a little longer anyway if your looking for some one to help you secure you site better holla

Can't download anything from this site.. Help

I can't download jack from this site!!! I'm using Bitlord and have no problems downloading anything from other site just this one. The torrents shows up in Bitlord but wont start downloading. it gives me this error Error: Tracker Response Error:this client is banned in TT4XBT Tracker in Tracker: anybody have any idea what it means??
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lmao try uTorrent

That's weird as fuck. Idk exactly what the problem is, but try using another BitTorrent client...try uTorrent. That's what I use.
336 ~Rum and Cheerwine~ 704

you're using an old BT

you're using an old BT client, like openmike suggested download the newest version of utorrent (vuze as well)

how about how to upload?

how about how to upload?
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does anyone know how to upload mixtapes to this site?? -->If Money Is Your Motive Fuck The Jewellry You Should Be Stackin!
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Special Ed Students

Tards have access to the Internet?

need help

i was wondering if someone could help me download this. i dont know whats wrong but im really not getting the step when it says drag the file to the tranfer window. im unable to to do it, can anyone help me?

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i go harder than u

i go harder than u

how do i upload my mixtape

im trying to upload a mixtape for others to download?