Mick Boogie - Lil Wayne: The W. Carter Collection

Mick Boogie has taken his mixtape skills to the Dirty South in the past
(see: Dirty Work 1 - 2 - 3 - 4). But this one may be the hottest yet, as he
teams up with Lil' Wayne to help kick off the Cash Money millionaire's
new Reebok shoe line. This mixtape tribute to Weezy F. Baby features a
rare batch of unreleased and rare street cuts, live joints, remixes/blends.

1 - Intro
2 - Mr. Carter
3 - When You See Me
4 - Cannon (Mick Boogie mix) feat. T.I. & Busta:
5 - Cash Money
6 - Gangsta
7 - Suck It or Not feat. Cam'ron
8 - Lil' Wayne Speaks About Competition
9 - Holla At Me feat. Paul Wall & DJ Khaled
10 - Miami
11 - Ain’t Got Time
12 - Lil' Wayne Speaks About Shooters
13 - Shooters (LIVE) feat. Robin Thicke
14 - Boom Bap
15 - More Fire
16 - Kryptonite Part 2 feat. Killer Mike
17 - Grey Goose (Mick Boogie mix) feat. Young Jeezy
18 - Make It Work For Ya feat. Juelz & Young Jeezy
19 - I’m Wit Whateva feat. Juelz & Notorious B.I.G.
20 - Lil' Wayne Speaks About His Album
21 - In The Streets
22 - Ridin With A Body
23 - Do What You Do
24 - Oh No
25 - Lil' Wayne Speaks About The Future
26 - Someone Like Me
27 - Hood Rich


i give lil wayne maaaad

i give lil wayne maaaad props.. not cause he dope, but he's 4 ever droppin mixtapes....
Tha_Prophet's picture

tru say

yeee man this mans on his a game right now hes stepped up and has been spittin that shyt crzy.. his punchlinez r niice styll

This Mixtape is FIRE

I can always trust Mick Boogie to put together a killer mix, this is a superb collection of Wayne straight spittin'
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i agree i said

this joint is better than the dj khaled jump off. khaled is good but the league crew hols this one down fasho. lil wayne, goddamn!! dude is fire. lest not forget he freestyles everything. what more can you say. G-G-G-G You know what it is nigga!!