J-Love Presents Big L - In Memory Of...Vol. 2.1

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01. Dangerzone Produced By J-Love 03:26
02. Ebonics DJ Premier Rmx 03:00
03. Way of Life Feat Fat Joe 02:36
04. Now or Never (Unreleased) 03:23
05. Games Females Play (Unreleased) 03:27
06. Who Slidin With (Original Version) (Unreleased) 03:42
07. Thick Feat A.G. & O.C 03:34
08. Fall Back Feat Kool G Rap 02:45
09. Where You At Feat Big Pun (Unreleased) 02:18
10. Platinum Plus Feat Big Daddy Kane 03:36
11. Flamboyant (Unreleased) 02:31
12. Back In My Hood Feat Party Artie (Unreleased) 02:11
13. Hit It (Unreleased) 03:34
14. The Nicest Feat Big Pun 2 Pac Notorious B.I.G (Unrel 03:13
15. Live At The Spot Feat Royal Flush 01:18
16. All Love Feat Fat Joe Lord Finesse A.G. 03:23
17. Stand Strong Feat Ditc 04:14
18. Dignified Soldiers Feat Ditc 04:00
19. Shit Is Real Freestyle (Unreleased) 02:08
20. Fucking With Rmx Feat Ditc 02:42
21. Uptown Kids Feat Mcgruff Mase Camron 06:52
22. Get Your Feat Ditc 04:08
23. Fed Up With The Bullshit 02:49
24. You Know What I M About Feat Lord Finesse 04:30

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R.I.P. BIG L......HARLEM WORLD! "It Was All A Dream..."
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Fuck YEa

Now this is what im fucking talking about!...R.i.p. Big L....one of the greatest....thank you so much for this man....finally a nice mixtape, all we have been getting is shit


R.I.P. Big L.......J-Love son, the gangsta a** DJ a** n*gga son, you know that n*gga son. "Though I'm grateful, I hate chu/ and love you at the same time/ lord have mercy, the woman that birth me/ left me with Auntie to flaunt thee/ ugly ways of a fiend/ I was raised as a king/ you was my queen, but chose not to play dat role/ allowed drugs to get in ya soul/ but I'm still here/ you ain't gotta walk alone, I'm ya wheelchair/ like Face to Face, only out for ya welfare/ I love you" -Stack Bundles(R.I.P.) Support the real artists. B-More signin' out...1

Big L.....

safe safe id like to say the same as da others but not enuff seeders, stuck on 2.7% not alot i knw but still this is Big L u shld seed this fo the rest of ur life, peace out Enzo