DJ LRM - Instrumental World 38 (Dr. Dre Edition)

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01 Dr. Dre - Deep Cover (feat. Snoop Dogg)
02 Dr. Dre - Nuthin But A G Thang (feat. Snoop Dogg)
03 Snoop Dogg - Gin & Juice
04 Dr. Dre - Still D.R.E. (feat. Snoop Dogg)
05 The Firm - Phone Tap
06 Dr. Dre - Put It On Me (feat. DJ Quik)
07 213 - Game Don T Wait (Remix) (feat. Xzibit)
08 Busta Rhymes - How We Do It Over Here (feat. Missy Elliot)
09 The Game - How We Do (feat. 50 Cent)
10 Snoop Dogg - B Please (feat. Xzibit)
11 Dr. Dre - Bad Intentions (feat. Knocturnal)
12 Obie Trice - The Set Up
13 G-Unit - Poppin Them Thangs
14 50 Cent - In Da Hood (feat. Brooklyn)
15 The Firm - Five Minutes To Flush
16 Busta Rhymes - Break Ya Neck
17 Warren G - Lookin At You (feat. Toi)
18 Knocturnal - Str8 Westcoast
19 Eminem - What You Say
20 Obie Trice - Oh! (feat. Busta Rhymes)
21 Eve - Satisfaction
22 Mack 10 - Hate In Yo Eyes
23 Dr. Dre - The Next Episode (feat. Snoop Dogg)
24 Snoop Dogg - Lay Low
25 Dr. Dre - Been There Done That
26 Knocturnal - Knoc (feat. Dr. Dre & Missy Elliot)
27 Eminem - Guilty Conscience (feat. Dr. Dre)
28 Obie Trice - Shit Hits The Fan (feat. Dr. Dre & Eminem)
29 Dr. Dre - The Wash (feat. Snoop Dogg)
30 Dr. Dre - Zoom (feat. LL Cool J)
31 Dr. Dre - Group Therapy (feat. Nas, KRS-One, RBX & B Real)
32 Eminem - Just Lose It
33 Busta Rhymes - Get You Some (feat. Q-Tip & Marsha)
34 Snoop Dogg - Just Dippin' (feat. Dr. Dre & Jewell)
35 Eve - Let Me Blow Ya Mind (feat. Gwen Stefani)
36 Mary J. Blige - Family Affair
37 50 Cent - In Da Club
38 Dr. Dre - Forgot About Dre (feat. Eminem)
39 50 Cent - Backdown
40 Bilal - Fast Lane

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My man, what can I say....THANKYOU! Very, VERY much appreciated! PEACE

fuck dr dre, this nigga done

fuck dr dre, this nigga done fell off

Nah fuck you

Nah fuck you


use trippin he fell on not offf youse wack ass

drea all day

drea started gangster rap fool if it was'nt for the diggy,diggydoc yal would'nt have banggin beats from the west&LL i'm bad was on the same level they will never fall just ballers stop hateting!

Stupid nigga

Dumb ass nigga please, Dre has been holding it down since day one. The fuck you talkin bout saying he done fell off. Stupid niggas aint got no common sense nowadays.

Keep Makin Beats Not Movies


You mean The Wash. Eh it was

You mean The Wash. Eh it was alright. The album had a few classic tracks

they didn't xxplosive on

they didn't xxplosive on this.................that was the best dre beat ever

I Agree & u not what tops it

I Agree & u not what tops it off..the Beautiful Voice of NATE DOGG

Dont hate the game or the players if you cant play.....

Not bad, not bad at all. These are not the best that Dre has produced, but it is by far the greatest list of beats you can officially get, free. So please, all you haters, stow that ish! Until you can hit pads and keys to make platinum beats 4 real, shut ya gums. The last thing we need is another loser jealous of the fact that his/her beats ain't featured here. Give the dude some credit! I bet you know every song up here that these beats go to, but yet you act like its no biggy, you can do better. I doubt it and so do you, lol. Dre, keep them jewels crackin and do wut you do, entertain us from the boards or the booth. :)

dre will always run shit

you dumb ass nigga dre will never fall off they been waitin for his detox cd for like three years now hes still talked about dis boa dont know shit dumb ass nigga

fuck yeah man props

fuck yeah man props