Invincible - Becoming Legendary


Manchester's Invincible drops his latest mixtape, 'Becoming Legendary'

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01 Invincible - Intro
02 Invincible - I Dont Know
03 Invincible, Omarion - Speeding (Remix)
04 Invincible - Beamer Benz Or Bentley (Freestyle)
05 Invincible, Hypes - Life Is Amazing
06 Invincible, Wrigz, Tsana - Better
07 Invincible, Rihanna - Hard (Remix)
08 R-Deal - R-Deal - Lyrics (Freestyle)
09 Invincible, Liqz - April (Freestyle)
10 Invincible, Tj Lyricz - I'm Ill (Remix)
11 Invincible, Sinna Man - City Boyz
12 Invincible - Household
13 Invincible, K.O - Wrong Or Right
14 Faro - Faro - Short Message
15 Invincible - My Goals
16 Invincible - Outro

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This dude can't keep on beat

This dude can't keep on beat

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where dis nigga

where dis nigga from..................................STELIO
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tuff luv

Always d/l UK stuff when it appears on here. To be fair to the kid I gave it my best attempt at trying to listen to it. The first few tracks where hard going the sound of the Manc. voice over American beats and it just don't do it for me. This kid can write but the sound just ain't good on the ear and it seems like the same shit over and over. nothing fresh, nothing new. I can't see this cat getting far............... this is a definite d/l & now delete...... kid you need not give up the day job!