P.L. - Without Warning Vol 4 (Hosted By DJ Folk)


01 Intro
02 80 Bars Vol. 4
03 Can't Stop Me
04 Gettin' This Money
05 Reppin'
06 Lean A Lil Bit
07 Let Me Hold Somethin'
08 In The Building
09 When You See Me
10 Olympicks Skit
11 Fresher Den You
12 Fuck The Other Side
13 Cho Chaser$ Skit
14 Got To Know (Feat. Young Lex)
15 Mind On My Dough
16 Feelin It 09'
17 Producer Skit
18 Rearview
19 How Hard I Go
20 Hard Work Skit
21 Invincible
22 Blasting Off (Feat. Stretch Money)
23 Tie My Hands
24 Successful Freestyle
25 Outro

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BlaqueB's picture

Reppin D-Town

It feelin real nice have some D music up in here. Gotta get some mo strech money, k deezy and tone tone.

That Ann Arbor shit

O'boy got a home town nigga on this shit do ya thing sen some ya niggas some tickets to one of the shows shit !!!!!! homw town nigga 's

That dude was my first

That dude was my first friend in middle school in Ace Duece, after moving from Ypsitycky. His flow is fresh!


man yea thats bmy cuz PL WE RAP ON THE SAME TRACK