It's Nique - On My Own (Hosted By DJ Khaled)

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1. (00:02:00) Its Nique - Give It My All
2. (00:02:55) Its Nique - In Love With The Club
3. (00:02:50) Its Nique - Hold Me Down
4. (00:04:26) Its Nique - One Promise
5. (00:03:48) Its Nique - Too Much
6. (00:02:40) Its Nique - Built Like Me
7. (00:02:31) Its Nique - Make It Back
8. (00:03:14) Its Nique - Sad Song
9. (00:03:42) Its Nique - Drink, Smoke & Party
10. (00:02:43) Its Nique - Tried 2 Help (Feat. Brisco)
11. (00:02:35) Its Nique - Bad GoodBye (Feat. Cyn)
12. (00:04:08) Its Nique - Alone
13. (00:03:33) Its Nique - Reality Check (Feat. Young Chris)
14. (00:02:41) Its Nique - Fuck With Me
15. (00:03:16) Its Nique - Alrite
16. (00:01:20) Its Nique - Am I The Only One

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Damn khaled fuck is up wit

Damn khaled fuck is up wit dis BULLSHIT beatz= garbage flows=some shit i saw swirlin' in da toilet dis morning tape=burn it please!

dis bangn i know u aint no

dis bangn i know u aint no real dade county nigga this nigga nique b goin ham and 2 say the beats garbage u must be deaf u fuck nigga keep the commentary 2 the people whose opinions have value u feel me? Fuk ya life

u a pussy

Damn khaled fuck is up wit dis BULLSHIT beatz= garbage flows=some shit i saw swirlin' in da toilet dis morning tape=burn it please!
Fuk ya life pussy ass hatin nigga this bangn

So you mean to tell me that

So you mean to tell me that you made a fuckin' new account just to tell me what you feel about a simple comment i made about some garbage mothafucka and how da fuck you know i ain't from DADE bitch? see niggaz like you have no life get no pussy & smoke that babage ass brown dirt weed thats why u mad all tha time, str8 up that lil nigga Iceburg will shit all over this bullshit pussy u say "Go HARD" which sounds like somethin' a suspect e-thug queer would say, shit while you over there hiding in da corner typin ur shit talk tell me how to fight online??? i mean do i hit tha keyboard wit ma fist??? do i head-butt it or kick it??? i don't kno i guess u win ima D/L dis tape again & i'll just have to like it or else you will send ur "goons" su-woopin or crip walkin through my street my bad bra didn't mean to kick sand on ur clit bout ya "BOY NIQUE" u fuckin' dick ridin' homo-thug


real talk my nigga. Fuck this troll accounts. Niggaz catching feelings online.


I have been on this site for a lil while and I noticed 1 thing everytime a regular guy drops a mixtape everybody says they suck well Im a give a real opinion this guy is ok not the best in the world but not horrible either. He should keep working and any rapper out there that post they mix tape here should just post it and dont come back to read the comments cause im sure its a bunch of snot nosed pimply face kids who are on the internet all day who just post hate shit all day and now u can hate on my comment cause thats what you like


Its funny how everytime a new artist mixtape drops all kinds of new troll accounts come out the wood werk cheering for them frontin like regular ol' critics. lol

been here over a month

been here over a month asswipe and yeah those new trolls are probably the artists cheering for themseleves im just stating that every new guys gets the same hate comments from the same trolls

Why do we have to like

Why do we have to like someone thats garbage?? shit did you see anyone here so called "hating" which honestly i personally feel that an opinion isn't tha same thing as hating u idiot i didn't come on here sayin don't d/l this mixtape or i hope he fails cause he looks white i jus stated tha obvious he just garbage, like i said some rappers got it an some just gotta go get a job at Mikey D's like you, u pimply faced bitch. An for tha record i didn't see anyone hating on Rittz ,i don't know maybe cause he's got TALENT.
dninc's picture

Previewed it

I went to datpif to preview it.. Didn't waste time DL'n it.
Well.. call me a hater i don't give a fuck in fact i'll embrace it because this shit is just beyond the worst i've heard in a while, his flow is just lazy and careless, nigga has no feeling in his voice, just sound like he's running through line's over random beats and no matter the tempo he stay's exactly the same, Even Gucci has upgraded his flow pattern to match the beat's tempo and vocally play around with em lately.. and that's sayin a lot.
This man sound like he aint havin no fun, he just want to make a quick dolla, he say a lot of real shit but thats all he's doing is "Saying it" he aint entertaining me, he just "blah blah blah blah" over a beat something similar to what Gucci mainly does..
The beats are so wacky, noisy and random i can't even pay attention to what this dude is saying most of the time, maybe that was the purpose like half the artist out now using a lot of sound FX, harmony, and other distracting shit to take you off of what the artist lack "Talent"..
Imma just say download it and figure out for yourself if you feel this type of flow, most of the beats even sounded Armature, except for the one's you know Khalid had somethin to do with because they all have a distinctive same sound to it.


You Katz be goin in HARD on the NeGrOdAMuS


You Katz be goin in HARD on the NeGrOdAMuS