J. Period & Michael Jackson - Man Or The Music

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01 Man Or The Myth (Intro)
02 Workin Day & Night (Demo)
03 Workin Day & Night
04 P.Y.T. (Re-Edit)
05 Wanna Be Starting Somethin
06 I Put My Heart In It (Interlude)
07 Don't Stop Til You Get Enough (Demo)
08 Let's Dance (Shake Your Body Down)
09 Dancing Machine
10 Physical Embodiment Of The Music (Interlude)
11 Billy Jean (Demo)
12 Can You Feel It_
13 Off The Wall
14 Rock With You (J.Period Remix)
15 Say Say Say F. Paul Mccartney
16 Celebrate His Music (Interlude)
17 Smooth Criminal
18 In The Closet
19 Remember The Time
20 Wanna Be Where You Are
21 I Can't Take Credit (Interlude)
22 It's Great To Be Here (Remix)
23 Can't Help It
24 Mj Changed My Life (Interlude)
25 Heartbreak Hotel
26 I'll Be There
27 Right Here (Interlude)
28 Human Nature
29 It's Your Thing
30 Rockin Robin
31 Unearthly (Interlude)
32 I Want You Back
33 Abc
34 Man In The Mirror
35 Music Breaks All Barriers (Interlude)
36 Stranger In Moscow
37 Triumph & Tragedy (Interlude)
38 Lady In My Life
39 Epilogue_ Life & Legacy (F. Spike Lee)
40 Bonus Track_ Ain't No Sunshine
41 I Never Stop (Outtro)
42 Love Vs. Hate (Outtake)

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somethin somethin

I just heard PYT on the radio the other day, was thinking to grab few tracks of the thriller, but it dont get any better than J Period. He is professional to say the least. That biggie mix he did(march 9) is very unique, better than DJ Vlad & Dirty Harry's. The Isley bros tape RAW, its made for the car, cause it has all the songs that the artists sampled from isley as well as the classic tunes themselves. Q-tip is not really my style, but J Period made a phenomenal blend there too.
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yeah this for people in

yeah this for people in their late 30s, i am not there yet. cocaine era of the 70s.


the jazzy jeff version was hot,ill check this one for a couple days
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Super Freak