Kevin Cossom - By Any Means (Hosted By DJ ill Will, DJ Papa Smirf & DJ Folk)

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1. (00:03:32) Kevin Cossom - She Likes Me (Prod by Danja)
2. (00:03:07) Kevin Cossom - Black and Yellow (Remix)
3. (00:02:11) Kevin Cossom - I Can't Help It
4. (00:04:16) Kevin Cossom - Show Me Love feat Ace Hood (Prod by Bottom Line)
5. (00:03:34) Kevin Cossom - Ride (Remix)
6. (00:04:09) Kevin Cossom - Work (Prod by Danja)
7. (00:03:53) Kevin Cossom - Runaway (Remix)
8. (00:03:44) Kevin Cossom - Don't Stop feat Bali
9. (00:03:49) Kevin Cossom - Leave Me Alone feat J. Cole (Prod by Jim Jonsin)
10. (00:03:06) Kevin Cossom - Ashes to Ashes feat Rick Ross (Prod by Nasty Beatmakers)
11. (00:03:22) Kevin Cossom - Rule The World (Prod by Danja)
12. (00:03:17) Kevin Cossom - All I Wanna Do (Prod by The Runners) [Bonus Track]

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For the Bitches...

Not bad, but he sounds like Drake. Not a good look for his future. ~If it doesn't have to do with the music, it doesn't fuckin matter~
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Yeah horrible when certain

Yeah horrible when certain artist have a style and then they get pinned with the style as another one