Kuniva - Midwest Marauders


1 Intro
2 Coming Home
3 Nutmeg freestyle
4 Ova Da Hood
5 Tha Shizzle feat.Rondell Beene
6 Str8 Outta feat.Calicoe/Ty Farris
7 Just Begun
8 Night People freestyle feat.Marv Won
9 Chalkit How I Talkit
10 Gun Shots
11 All Around Ya Girl
12 Lose Ya Life feat.X Factor
13 Light it Up
14 Detroit Life
15 Like Dat freestyle
16 Gand Royal Flush feat.Quest McCody/Moe Dirty
17 Still Her

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Not sure

I'm hesitant, sumbody give me da word on these cats... Opionated world brings opinionated thoughts.....

YEP it's his! He tweeted it yesterday!

Rhymes are SICK!!! Like I had no idea kun had this in him.. I'm not crazy about the very first track coming home, only cuz I'm not crazy about the beat and his flow, but from nutmeg down homie is KILLIN it wit da rhymes!
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is this official?? or even

is this official?? or even the kuniva from D12?
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Award tour

looks like it.. -R.I.P. Twelve A'Klok-
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it looks so fake haha

it looks so fake haha

It's offical

His Twitter name is KunivaD12 he tweeted it Friday or Saturday, I down;oaded yesterday. SIIIIIIICK Shyt!!
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this nigga kuniva spazzed all over this shit. str8 raw spittin period. 8/10.*Fuck Em All*
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decent tape

shits decent good tape... $-STILL GOT A BRAIN FREEZE-$