Kurtis Blow Jr - Champagne Dreams & Purple Clouds


01 - Shoot Me Down
02 - Rose Bush
03 - Spoken Cloud
04 - Mario Kart
05 - Eclipse
06 - Ima Do Me
07 - Strings & Louis V
08 - The Anthem
09 - Fucked Up Interlude
10 - Blowed
11 - Nudity
12 - Cheers To The Lions
13 - Straight Jacket Nights

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This looks interesting...

This looks interesting...
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This shits is as faggot as Lil B...

devilspimp wrote:
This looks interesting...
Never mind. This shits is as faggot as Lil B... His dad hates him i bet.


Fuck wit tha REAl, Ignore the LAMES, Fuck the FAKE like father like son but in this case the son can't match up to the father this nigga gonna be like biggie son FLOP!!!!
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I cop albbums ased on album

I cop albbums ased on album covers alone. Although I love a smokin' white bitch in her draws, this mixtape was kinda "ehh." If you're into ambient noise, while hearing a dude talk about random things, then you'll like it. Otherwise, "eh."