DJ Chuck T - Down South Slangin' #31: The Gloves Are Off

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1. dj chuck t - intro 1:59
2. rick ross ft. bun-b, styles p, jadakiss, and 3:23
game - push it (remix)
3. t.i. ft young jeezy, young dro, big kuntry, 4:13
and b.g. - top back (remix)
4. lil jon ft. three six mafia - act a fool 3:03
5. lil wayne ft. playaz circle - screw up 2:36
6. young buck ft. t.i., young jeezy, jazze pha 4:03
and pimp c - slangin cane havin thangs
7. lil scrappy ft. tony hussle - sometimes 3:27
8. ugk - stop and go 3:16
9. c- murder - never let a bitch (not on album) 1:59
10. tum tum ft. kiotti - caprice muzik (remix) 2:54
11. spark dawg - let my wheels spin 2:28
12. killa kyleon (formerly of boss hogg outlawz) - 2:28
doin it
13. currensy ft. dino west - no limit-cash money 1:56
14. crime mob - circles 3:12
15. tyte wurk - im on it 2:39
16. stat quo - get low (prod. by dr. dre) 2:49
17. s.e.g.a. boyz - feed em lead 2:25
18. trae ft. yukmouth and c-bo - for da gangstaz 2:44
19. lil flip ft. z-ro and squad up - sorry lil mama 1:48
20. lil scrappy - im gone 2:26
21. ugk - the game belong to me 3:04
22. big tuck ft. erykah badu - ain't no mistaken 2:51
23. z-ro - thug 3:29
24. blood raw - can you feel it 1:22
25. lil scrappy - my life 2:27
26. lil wayne ft. baby - brown paper bag 2:25
27. chamillionaire and paul wall ft. slim thug - n 2:43
luv wit my money (remix)
28. ugk ft. lil jon - like dat 2:13
29. unk ft. andre 3000 and jim jones - walk it out 3:23

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props the south is

props the south is definately running things.

uh... i dont mean to start

uh... i dont mean to start stuff...but the south actually ruined hip hop... most of the south music, atleast..

Hate all you want.......

....but the South ain't goin nowhere so stop the bitchin. Fuck all the haters, period. If niggaz wasn't feelin the south then they wouldn't sell, they sellin so niggaz feelin 'em! get over it already. niggaz do what they gotta do to take care of their own. are u gonna start feedin them??????

dat_chico_psy's picture

Da fuck u talkin bout

no not really... all yall hatas fucked hiphop up... so fuck u and everyone else who stay hatin on the souf 24/7

i'm from the ol skool

music moves from up north, west coast, mid west, bay area to the DIRTY SOUTH !!! everythings in rotation youngbloodz !!!! YEA BABY !!!!!

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Lets keep it pushin, make changes

the south didnt necessarily ruin hip-hop. It's the labels who sign whack ass rappers, and its them who ruin hip-hop. the south got alot of talent and they buzzin big right now. It just goes to show how different these parts of the U.S. are. We keepin shit gully and gangsta up here in the north, while the south keep it crunk, and wild, and then the west keep it gangsta, but in a whole different way, and they also got the hyphy movement. Think about it how big would hip hop be right now if everything sounded the same???